Monsoon Hairstyles – Perfect Hairstyles To Flaunt This Season

monsoon hairstyles

What with the incessant rains this rainy season, everything looks and feels so gloomy! A gray, rainy day leaves not only the weather but also the mood gloomy. Are you experiencing the monsoon blues? But should we drown ourselves in the gloom and not see the brighter side of the monsoons? Have we forgotten our carefree childhood days when we floated paper boats in a rain puddle! There are several ways to cheer oneself up in the monsoon – get a workout routine at home, arrange potluck parties at home with your friends, wear bright hues, read your favourite books, or flaunt a few great monsoon hairstyles!

Two perfect monsoon hairstyles for short hair

If you are the experimental type, go for a short haircut this season. 


  • The classic bob cut: To get a soft, feminine look, go for a short bob with the ends curled inside. This is an all-time favourite, works for any age, for straight hair as well as wavy hair. A side part definitely adds more volume.
  • The long bob cut: This is an easy to maintain hairstyle and will always remain in vogue. You can experiment with this hairstyle in several ways – middle part, side part, or sleek looks.


Two perfect styles for medium length hair


  • Braided side-swept bangs: If you have shoulder length hair, get midface length side-swept bangs. It really accentuates the face and gives a soft and fresh look. Part your hair on one side and braid the side sweeps. Secure with an elastic band at the end and pin it to the side. You will be one chic girl!
  • High-rise bun: Pull up your hair into a high ponytail. Turn the entire hair around the elastic band while simultaneously twisting the hair. Secure the end with a bobby pin. This looks goes perfectly well with a dress or sari.


Two perfect monsoon hairstyles for long hair 


  • Side-braided fishtail: If you are familiar with a fishtail braid, it is not so difficult to adopt this style. First, you have to make a side ponytail. Braid this ponytail into a fishtail. Stretch the braid a bit to give it a fuller look. Secure the end with an elastic band. You can further add glamour to this by sticking in some fancy clips into the braid.
  • Ponytail with braid: Firstly, side part your hair and take out a flick from the front left side. Hang the flick to one side. Using an elastic band, secure the rest of the hair behind the head in a ponytail. Make 2 sections of the flick and wrap around each other, keeping to the front of the head. Next make 2 more sections of one part and braid the side flick in a normal weaving fashion with 3 sections. Secure with an elastic band and wrap it around the ponytail. This hairstyle will go well with western wear as well as traditional Indian wear.


Monsoon hair problems and solutions:

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