8 Surprising Benefits Of Indigo Powder For Hair


Dying hair is nothing new and is one of the most common forms of hair care. However, with so many products available online, we often get confused about which would be the best for our hair. Different people have different hair quality and hence need different products for hair care. But nothing can beat the benefits of natural ingredients. In this blog, we will tell you about the benefits of applying indigo powder on hair! Natural indigo powder is blue in color, so if you apply it directly on your hair you will get a bluish tinge. However, if you apply henna and then apply indigo, you will get a nice black/brown shade.

Is indigo safe for hair? This is one of the most frequently asked questions we come across from our Mesmara customers. Especially, the first-time users. It is absolutely safe and there are some other surprising results too. We have jotted down below some amazing benefits of indigo powder on the hair. Read on to make an informed decision. 

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Benefits of indigo powder for hair

  1. We have known the use of Indigo powder for many years now. It is 100% natural and organic. However, there are many synthetic varieties available in the market. Ensure to read the label for details about the ingredients before purchasing. At Mesmara, we have a 100% natural and pure organic indigo powder.
  2. Instant hair dyes which are commonly available, are loaded with chemicals including ammonia. They certainly makes your hair rough leading to hair falls and premature greying if used for a long time. On the other hand, indigo is completely natural and hence safe to use regularly on hair.
  3. Indigo leaf powder not only dyes your hair naturally, but it also stimulates hair growth when applied regularly.
  4. When mixed in the right proportion with natural henna powder, the combination can give you a variety of tinges from black to brown to mahogany. 
  5. Regular usage of indigo powder can prevent premature greying as well as dye the already greyed hair naturally.
  6. Organic indigo powder deposits the color only on the outer surface of the hair and does not penetrate inside the hair shaft. Which means, your scalp is spared from chemical irritation. Plus, the protective color layer on the hair guards the hair against external dirt and pollution.
  7. Organic indigo powder is completely natural and chemical free. It has been tried and tested over the years and doesn’t cause any side effects. 
  8.  It is super easy to use. Dissolve the powder in warm water. Apply on hair and leave it for 45 minutes to 2 hours depending upon the tinge you want. Rinse it with water and shampoo your hair the next day.

How to use indigo powder

Benefits of indigo powder for hair color are immense. Whether you already have chemically treated hair or starting on hair dye for the first time, the indigo powder is absolutely chemical free and safe. However, if you are using on previously chemically treated hair, it is suggested to wait for one or two months before you start using indigo to see the effects. Check out Mesmara hair care products on Amazon, FlipKart, Bigbasket, Purplle and Nykaa

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  1. nayabheena says:

    That was a nice article on hair care, and yes I also think hair fall is one of the major problems. but there is some natural way to solve this problem and using henna powder is one of the most efficient ways to solve it.

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