Top 5 Myths About Cold Pressed Oils Busted


If you are a food lover, then you might have come across the term cold pressed oils. People are becoming more conscious about what they eat and the concept of ‘eat right’ is gaining prominence. Hence cold pressed oils are becoming popular among food fanatics. However, there are many myths about cold pressed oils which need to be busted. For this you need to first understand what exactly cold pressed oils are, and how are they made.

Cold pressed oils are produced using age old oil processing techniques. Perhaps you have heard the word ‘ghani’ from your grandmother. In earlier days, people used to extract oils from different seeds using a ‘ghani’. ‘Ghani’ is nothing but a sort of mortar and pestle stone. However, over the years this was taken over by modern extraction machines that use heat to extract oils from different seeds. The process is quick but it lowers the quality of the oil. With the application of heat, the oil loses its nutrient value and antioxidants that are good for health.

In cold pressed oil processing, the extracted oil is cholesterol free, unrefined and unprocessed and retains all the natural antioxidants of the oil that is good for health. It is also devoid of harmful solvent residues. If you are planning to switch to cold pressed oils from your normal cooking oil, then here are some myths and facts that will help you make an informed decision.

Here are top 5 myths about cold pressed oils and the actual facts related to these myths.

Myth #1:Cold pressed olive oil is only suitable for drizzling over salads, not for cooking

Fact: Olive oil has a high smoking point hence can be used in cooking safely without any alteration of the health benefits. For an amazing taste and texture of your dishes, try Mesmara Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Myth #2: Cold pressed coconut oil is high in cholesterol

Fact: Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides which contribute towards increasing the good cholesterol level in the body. If you are looking for cold pressed coconut oil with extended shelf life, then choose Mesmara Virgin Coconut Oil. It is prepared from fresh coconut milk and not dried copra powder. Hence, the oil lasts longer and has a fantastic shelf life compared to any other cooking oil.

Myth #3: Cold pressed sesame oil is not suitable for Indian cooking

Fact: Cold pressed sesame oil has the highest smoking point among all oils and hence it is suitable for deep frying. Buy best quality sesame oil at Mesmara Cold Pressed Sesame Oil

Myth #4: Cold pressed groundnut oil could not be used for deep frying

Fact: Cold pressed groundnut oil has a high saturation point and hence can be heated up to 230 degrees Celsius.  However, to retain their natural taste, it should be heated carefully. Buy Mesmara Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil to add flavor and texture to your dishes.  

Myth #5: We cannot find authentic cold pressed oils online.

Fact: Mesmara is a well-known brand for cold pressed oil, and we offer the same authentic cold pressed oil for our online customers. Our cold pressed oils are extracted using Vagai wood press which is the best way to extract oils and are absolutely chemical free. Various chemicals are used during refining which demean the taste, texture, and aroma or natural oil. Plus, plenty of chemical substances are introduced which stay in the refined oil as residuals. On the other hand, cold pressed oils retain their natural goodness and are devoid of any chemical residues.

Things to remember while choosing your oil

  1. Most of the store-bought oils are refined. Many brands claim in their labels as “physically refined”. Stay away from such tags if you are looking for cold pressed oils. It is always better to opt for brands that say “extra virgin” or “cold pressed” in its labels.
  2. Storing cold pressed oils can be tricky because it has a short shelf life. You can maximize the shelf life by keeping it in the refrigerator and storing in dark opaque bottle. However, it is always better to consume as quickly as possible to reap all the health benefits of it.
  3. If your family is still not exposed to cold pressed oils then introduce it slowly instead of making a drastic change to their taste buds. They have lived all their lives eating food cooked with refined oils. Cold pressed oils have distinctively different taste and aroma which could be little strong to them. So the trick is, introduce it to them slowly. Give them time to adjust to the new taste. Here’s an idea: start by using it in tadka, then to curry and then once your family completely adjust to it, you can make the switch.

Cold pressed oils are nothing new. They have been there since ages but got lost in between, thanks to their cousin – refined oil. However, it is gaining back its lost charm and people are growing conscious to make a healthy choice.  By shifting to cold pressed oil, you not only improve your health but also reduce your carbon footprint on the earth!

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