Top 6 Benefits Of Hibiscus Powder For Beauty And Health


Hibiscus is a delightful flower that comes in a variety of bright colors. Over 300 variants of hibiscus are widely available. This flower has such amazing properties, that it has found a place in our culture and tradition. People in the Indian subcontinent offer the bright red variant to Goddess Kali. The flower is symbolic of divine energy and hence is a very important part of rituals. In some parts of the world, women wearing these flowers are considered married.
Hibiscus is not just ornamental. Hibiscus wood is used to make sculptures and furniture, while the flower and leaves have many medicinal properties. Let’s look at some of the interesting uses and benefits of hibiscus powder for your skin.

Hibiscus powder for skin


It is a rich source of Vitamin C which boosts collagen in our skin. A 20-minute application of freshly pounded hibiscus petals will firm up the skin and take away light wrinkles and gives your face a fuller look.


Regular use of hibiscus powder as an active ingredient in exfoliating pastes helps fight signs of skin aging. The benefits of hibiscus powder are many. Organic hibiscus powder contains organic acids which help in the removal of dead cells and regeneration of the new ones. The interesting part is that it deep cleans the pores without removing the essential oils. This process removes the usual hyperpigmentation spots and evens out the skin tone.


Another noteworthy property of hibiscus is its ability to hydrate the skin and help lock it in. The mucilage content in the petals is relatively high and thus making it a good candidate to lock in the moisture within the skin. When suffering from dry or rough skin, application of freshly pounded hibiscus petals or dried mesmara hibiscus powder paste naturally repairs the skin.

Hibiscus powder for hair

Hibiscus in any form on your hair is going to make it soft, silky and shiny. You can also use it to cover your greying hair and strengthen the strands.


Preparing the hair rinse mixture is fairly easy. Soak a couple of hibiscus tea bags in a litre of boiled water. You can alternately use fresh or dried hibiscus petals as well. Soak them for about 30 mins and then strain out the hibiscus, leaving the tea water to cool. Use this tea to rinse your hair after showering and conditioning.

Strengthening and Growth:

Hibiscus oil is very good at stimulating hair growth. You can pick up this from the stores or prepare one yourself. Soak dried petals in a carrier oil of your choice and let it out in the sun for a couple of months. This will prepare your hibiscus oil. Strain out the petals leaving the oil ready for application. Apply it to your scalp and massage it gently in. Leave it for a few hours before washing it off. The natural pigment of the flower which is now in the oil helps in tacitly covering the greys. Hibiscus also has anti-inflammatory properties which soothe the scalp and help reduce itchiness and dandruff. You can add a few drops of lemon juice to the oil to further reduce the effects of dandruff.

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Hibiscus powder for health

Improving Metabolism:

Tea made from dried hibiscus flowers makes an interesting sour tea. This has polyphenols, they prevent additional fat from getting formed. It also aids in digestion and helps in metabolizing from the food ingested. The best time to drink hibiscus tea is early in the morning.

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Isn’t it amazing that such an unassuming plant can have so many health benefits? Moreover, so easy to use. Hope you indulge in its benefits and let us know how it transforms you.

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