How To Get Smooth Hair Without Straightening

smooth hair without straightening

Everyone who has curly or wavy hair must have had dreams of hair straightening at some point in their life. Some might have slept over it and let the feeling go, while others would have indulged in extensive treatments at salons or at home.  Whoever has visited the salon and spent time and money getting that permanent straight style knows that nothing is permanent. The structure of our hair is a part of our gene code, hence the new hair which grows will follow the gene code, and not the external heat treatments. It is also important to realise that the treatments start spoiling your hair and makes it look dry and rough. So the question remains, how to get smooth hair without straightening?

Many people are not aware that there are so many natural alternatives to straighten hair. These natural recipes and procedures involve regular home use ingredients. With these DIY solutions, do not be surprised when you see your hair look even more smooth and silky as compared to the salon treatment. One thing is for sure, these solutions will not straighten your locks overnight, but will start working their magic in a few weeks of regular applications.

Tips to have smooth hair without straightening:

#1: Cold Wash

When washing hair, try to use cold water as much as possible. Use warm water only when you need to deep clean your hair. All other times use cold water. Cold water keeps the hair flat and reduces the chances of it to roll.

#2: Multani Mitti Pack

Many use Multani Mitti (Fuller’s earth) to deep cleanse the skin but little do people know it can work wonders when you are trying to tame hair. Make a paste of Mesmara Multani Mitti by mixing it with sufficient water. Apply the paste uniformly all the way from the root to the tip of the hair. Use your comb to brush it straight and allow it to dry. Leave this for an hour until it is dry while it forms a mould that straightens hair. It may seem a tad bit inconvenient, but nothing more than when you apply color or henna to hair. After it is fully dry and set, wash it off and see how smooth and straight your hair looks. You will be amazed at the difference from the first treatment itself and you can keep at it regularly to continue with the look.

#3: Coconut Oil and Cornstarch Pack

Coconut oil has been used in Indian households from ages as an external application for hair. It replenishes the serums required to nourish the hair and keeps it smooth and strong.

To make this DIY pack, add to Virgin Coconut Oil some cornstarch and mix it well to prepare a thick paste. Apply this paste in the same way as multani mitti and let it dry. The coconut oil nourishes the hair while the corn starch provides the stiffness required to hold the hair straight. Let the application dry out completely; this may take up to an hour. For people with too much curl in their hair, hold on to it for a bit longer. Wash off the application to see your hair look silky and straight.

#4: Milk

Who would have thought that this humble household ingredient can save you thousands of bucks you would have spent on salon treatments for straightening your hair. Rinsing your hair in milk and keeping it for 15-20 minutes before heading into the shower can reduce the waviness in the hair.

#5: Aloe Vera Pack

Create a thick paste with equal parts of Mesmara Aloe Vera Powder and Mesmara Virgin Coconut Oil.  Add to the mix a few drops of any Mesmara essential oil and whisk it well. Apply this mix on your hair evenly and let it dry. Let the dried application stay for another half hour before washing it off with cold water.

#6: Post Wash Drying

Many of you must be using the hairdryer with different heat settings to quickly dry the hair. Instead of using a drier, let it dry naturally. The weight of the hair itself will straighten the curls and you can additionally keep combing it all the way through to stop them from getting entangled.

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Apart from burning a hole in your pocket, heat treatments to hair leave your hair damaged beyond repair. While the above, pocket friendly, natural treatments not only help you get smooth hair without straightening, but also nourish and moisturise your hair. These remedies will definitely change the way you might have approached hair straightening in the past. All they need is consistency in the process and a bit of patience. Anyone who has gone the natural route has never looked back. So, experience the same and spread the goodness.

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