Top 5 Health Tips For Women Over 30 – Women’s Day 2019


Every woman aspires to look great and stay active even as she ages. But how many follow the daily routine needed to achieve that? There has been enough emphasis on applying sunscreen and CTM routine to maintain skin tone and texture. What else can be done to prevent sagging, dark circles, laugh lines, and loss of tone? The concept of ageing gracefully is something beyond external beauty. One needs to maintain proper health and an active brain. Mesmara aspires for your holistic wellness. This Women’s Day we give 5 health tips for women over 30. The tips can be incorporated into any lifestyle with ease, and they help women stay fit and beautiful both mentally and physically.

Health Tips for Women Over 30

1. Improve your lifestyle

Though heredity plays a role in the way our body ages, some of the other factors to ageing well and within our control. Make an effort to maintain a healthy weight. You will notice that once you start exercising regularly there is a drastic difference in your energy levels. You can also experience a difference in your stress levels. According to the National Institute of Nutrition, regular exercise also helps to preserve muscle and bone that will maintain your strength in later life. Women should avoid smoking and drink in moderation.

2. Involve in brain-training games

Brain aerobics as they are called, are a good way to prevent mental decline. According to WebMD, puzzles and games focused on memory, reasoning, and speed of processing information can help form new neural connections. People who indulge in such tasks show improvement in money management and everyday housework. They also have delayed the onset of degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s. Several studies have shown that consuming Virgin coconut oil keeps the brain active.

3. Ensure daily intake of micronutrients

Nutrition and immunity play a significant part in ageing. Micronutrients or antioxidant vitamins and minerals can fight the free radicals formed in our body. According to a study, accelerated ageing is related in part to a deficiency in the intake of micronutrients. Daily intake of minerals like zinc, selenium, and potassium, vitamins B12, E and C, carotenoids, and folate is the best way to prevent accelerated ageing. So incorporate fresh fruits, leafy greens, nuts, seeds, lentils, and calcium-containing foods in your diet. Use cold-pressed oils in cooking to retain the nutritional value of dishes.

4. Get your dose of daily sunshine

A strong immune system is necessary to keep age-related problems at bay. Sunlight contains vitamin D, which helps to maintain a good immune system and calcium absorption. It also protects against certain types of cancers. Especially for women, vitamin D is very essential for preventing age-related osteoporosis.

5. Indulge in yourself

Ladies, we suggest you go all out and pamper yourself! Take a bubble bath infused with essential oils at the end of a hectic day. This will help soothe your senses. Instead of using chemical-laden skin care and hair care cosmetics, use natural packs. Use Mesmara’s Face Packs, Scrubs and Herbal Powders to enhance your beauty inside out.

So ladies, keep a track of your lifestyle, be aware of what you eat, and indulge in yourself. Follow these health tips for women over 30 and you can see the results yourself.

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