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The process of aging is different for each one of us, however, its effects can not be ignored. Some accept it with grace while some shudder when the first strand of their hair turns grey. Then there are some  who mix their greys with some smart colours and start a new style. One such iconic person was India’s ex-PM Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Her styling was very unique and distinct. Today let us explore some natural hair dyes which are herbal and chemical free alternatives to the branded chemical ones.

The easiest way to get back your youthful colour can be achieved by dyeing your hair. These days the process of how to dye hair has been made so easy that you don’t always need to visit a salon. There are ready mix packets that you can quickly mix and apply it on your hair. There are others which are sprays which provide a quick result but with relatively temporary effects. However, these conventional dyes are chemically produced. The chemical footprint that they leave is quite high. Prolonged use might lead to irritation of the scalp, hair fall and in some extreme cases, it may even cause psoriasis or cancer. Since the number of such cases are very limited, many do not realize that the impact of chemical dyes. Hence, using chemical dyes still remains the easiest method to cover the greys.

One truth that cannot be debated is that prevention is better than cure. So why not try some natural hair dyes which does not have chemicals and give peace to your mind.

Make Natural Hair Dyes At Home

Why look outside when you can make herbal hair dyes safely at home. Some of these simple tips will introduce you to how to make natural hair dye at home and how to color hair naturally black at home.

Natural Oils

A lot of natural oils can darken the shade of your hair. Prolonged use of such oils helps retain the original shade and hence delays greying.

Bhringraj Oil:

This oil is well known in the Indian circuit for delaying the greying process. It is generally prepared from crushed leaves that are mixed in a carrier oil, e.g., Coconut, Amla oil etc. The oil is generally dark green in colour and has an intense aroma.  

Brahmi-Amla Oil Combo:

The combination of Brahmi oil and Amla is another good one to manage greying of hair. You can also make a homemade combination by heating up dried Amla and curry leaves in Mesmara virgin coconut oil. You should apply these preparations at least once a week, followed by a gentle massage and ensure that it stays on for a minimum of 30 mins. It would be nicer if you could keep it on for a few hours instead.

While you may apply these to delay greying, they come with other benefits too. They improve your scalp condition and you will start seeing less of irritating dandruff.  Also, you will see a remarkable reduction in hair fall, ultimately reducing the chances of baldness. You will start getting a noticeable hair shine too.

Rosemary Essential Oil:

Mesmara Rosemary oil allows you to darken grey hair. During the process, it also fights dandruff and hair loss. It is a great treatment to eliminate dryness too. Folks who have blonde hair will see their natural colour darken too. In case you do not want the same and mess up your look, all you need is to mix it with a carrier oil of your choice and then apply it only to the grey areas. The effect will be gradual, and you can carefully increase or decrease the proportion of Rosemary oil.

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Natural Dyes

Henna Powder:

Henna powder has been an all-time favourite for naturalists and herbal aficionados. It is one of the most commonly used natural hair dyes. It has a lasting colour and leaves the hair much fluffier and feeling voluminous. Henna in its traditional form has a distinctive shade and suits the Indian diaspora. It can be mixed with a few natural additives like eggs, honey, to make it last longer.

Amla Powder:

Many henna hair dyes come mixed with amla powder. However, the use of Mesmara Amla powder as a paste in itself is an excellent way of preventing greying of hair. The medicinal properties of amla make it one of the best rejuvenating herbs. In the traditional ayurvedic treatment, it is used to fight excess body head, which is another cause of greying hair. Its antioxidants properties neutralize the effect of free radicals thus shielding hair from greying.

Bhringraj Powder:

Regular use of Mesmara Bhringraj powder makes hair grow darker and adds shine to those locks. Bhringraj restores dead hair cells and reduces greying hair. You can use bhringraj powder in a hair mask – mix it with brahmi powder, ama powder, shikakai powder and water to form a paste. Then apply it and wash as usual after 30 mins.

Indigo Powder:

Mesmara IndigHo Powder is one of the best natural hair dyes to make your hair dark brown or black. Though named indigo due to the deep blue pigment in it, application of the indigo powder with henna powder only gives dark brown or black colour to your hair. A fact to note here is that indigo powder in itself may not give you the desired result. You need to apply it either by mixing it with henna powder or after applying henna powder on your hair. Whichever way you choose to apply it, indigo powder gives a deep black/brown colour with a wonderful shine. A mixture of pure henna and indigo powder will give you different shades of brown depending on the ratio of each powder used. More the henna, darker brown it gets.

Black Tea / Coffee Brew:

Everyone is aware that black tea and coffee are rich in antioxidants. Not everyone know that they are also used to dye hair. You need to brew them a bit more than what you’d need to drink it. Also, the amount of tea/coffe required to brew is about 3-4 tablespoons. This just ensures the colours are into the brew. Filter the brew and apply it to your hair. Be careful not to apply to your scalp; you do not want to dye your scalp.

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While natural hair dyes are one way of reducing greying of hair, internal well being is also very important for healthy hair. One of the main reasons these days for the early onset of greying is stress. The pigment melanin, that is naturally produced in our body is responsible to maintain the shade of our hair. When people suffer from extreme stress, our body secretes some hormones to manage stress. These hormones, in turn, impact the production of the melanin. And more sooner than later you see grey strands. Meditation is a mind detox. Once you can really blank out yourself for about 30 mins, you will start thinking clearly and you will find your stress levels go down.

Mesmara aspires for the holistic wellbeing of everyone. Leading a healthy lifestyle and using natural products not only helps in building a healthy body, but also a healthy environment around to live in. Click here to check Mesmara products.

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