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For those who have not heard about Kalonji, it is internationally known as Nigella seeds. Nigella sativa plant, on which the seeds grow, is an annual flowering plant native to south and southwest Asia. The plant grows with finely divided leaves; the leaf segments are narrowly linear to threadlike. The flowers are white, yellow, pink, pale blue or pale purple, with five to 10 petals (see picture above). Kalonji is also referred to as Black Seed or Black Cumin. The Kalonji Seeds and the Kalonji Oil extracted from the seeds are both highly beneficial.

Kalonji is no stranger to the Indian and Middle-eastern cuisines. It is an interesting spice used to add a distinctive peppery flavour to food, mainly curries, stir-fried vegetables and dal.  Traditional bread preparations and a lot of savouries such as samosas, kachori, mathri etc have Kalonji seeds as taste enhancers.

Kalonji is also widely known to have many health benefits. It is used from times unknown and even has a reference in the Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible. Apparently, it was said that it could heal anything. Even our Indian Ayurvedic practices have abundant mention of Kalonji and Kalonji oil usage.

Benefits of Kalonji Oil in Hair Care

After a good shower as your hair dries up, apply kalonji oil on your scalp and massage it well. Regular use of this oil prevents hair fall. It also helps in the blood circulation around the roots which make them stronger. Also, it prevents premature greying of hair. The oil also comes as a blessing when you want your hair dye last longer. You should mix it with henna, this helps in darkening of the colour and you get to cover grey hair naturally.

Another lesser known benefit of Kalonji oil is to reduce frizziness of hair. This effects in the softening of hair like a conditioner.

Uses of Kalonji Oil in Skincare

Kalonji oil has antibacterial properties and is anti-inflammatory. Hence, it is helpful in managing acne on the face. As you stay regular with its application, it reduces the recurrence of your acne too. In order to get results, clean up your face with some lime juice. Gently massage your skin with small amounts of the oil. You can also indulge in exotic Mesmara face packs to exfoliate your skin. Mesmara offering includes face packs such as kaolin clay, coconut shell charcoal powder, and dead sea mud face pack.

A great moisturiser which while lubricating the skin, it goes on to alleviate it from any irritations. A regular use will guarantee you soft and supple skin to be proud off.

You can use this to treat the usual areas where skin dries up and cracks. Like the elbows, knees and heels as well.

Kalonji Oil for Managing Breathing Problems

A common usage of Kalonji Oil is to manage breathing problems. Kalonji oil is very pungent and when inhaled it works as a bronchodilator. It causes the bronchial to widen and allows patients with breathing trouble to breathe better. People suffering from asthma can use Kalonji oil to relieve their problems. You can also cure blocked nose during the bouts of common cold. One can pour a few drops on to a hanky or any clean cloth. The fumes of the evaporating oil can then be inhaled and it frees up a clogged nose.

Kalonji Oil for Managing Diabetes

Little do folks know Kalonji Oil also contains insulinotropic properties. In simple words, it helps manage insulin production and helps fight the effects of diabetes. A few drops in green or black tea can help get the desired management required. However, such administrations should be done only under the guidance of a certified practitioner.

Kalonji Oil for Stomach Ailments

Another interesting benefit of Kalonji oil is that it helps soothe stomach from irritations and lesions in the inner walls. This gastro-protective nature reduces the gastric acid secretion and in turn, reduces acidity. It also protects from ulcerations in the stomach and intestine walls.

Kalonji Oil for Controling High BP and Cholesterol Levels

Kalonji Oil with hot water can help alleviate high blood pressure. However, you need to supplement with a prescribed diet and an active fitness regime. The oil is also medically proven to reduce the cholesterol level in patients.

Not just the ancient scriptures, there is a lot of research and many studies that reinforce the benefits of Kalonji oil. A unique spice offering holistic healing if taken in the right amount and using the right methods. You must try genuine products that are pure and organic. Do share your experiences as you start using it.

Mesmara’s Kalonji Oil is therapeutic grade. Nigella seeds using cold-pressing method. It is also available on Amazon and Flipkart. Buy today to enjoy the benefits of this ‘miracle cure’.

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