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organize your beauty products

It was time to go for work and Reena was frantically searching for her Mesmara Argan hair serum. But, alas! Her closet was too disorganized to find any of her stuff. “I have to organize my beauty products”, she told to herself. If you too are looking for some cool ideas to organize your beauty products as part of your spring cleaning spree then here are some cool tips for you to begin with.

Segregate First to Organize Your Beauty Products

Inorder to organize your beauty products, the first step would be to segregate them properly. Always use compartments to store your beauty products. For example, invest in a lipstick storage box if you have a good collection of lipsticks. Instead of throwing everything loose into your wardrobe drawer, make compartments in it so that it becomes easy for you to segregate. This can be done in many ways. You can either buy makeup organizers or you can reuse old small plastic jars/containers of different shapes and sizes for the purpose.
If you are considering investing in a makeup organizer, designate each compartment for lips, cheeks, eyes, nails, hair, etc. so if you are looking for lipsticks, you know where to find it straightway and you won’t be wasting time searching in the ‘nail’ compartment.

Use Mason Jars as Brush Stands

A makeup brush holder lets your beauty tools stand upright. This way you can avoid spoiling of the delicate hairs of the brushes. You can consider reusing small glass mason jars for this. Not only your makeup brush and beauty tools will stay organized but the cute glass mason jars add a bit of class to your wardrobe as well.

Scale up – Use the Wall

Hair tools are the pride possessions of any fashion girl but they are the most difficult ones to arrange. Hanging them up in a makeup organizer is a great idea to organize your beauty products! If you have a space crunch, you don’t need to dump it in your wardrobe. Instead, put them in an organizer bag and hang them at the back of your bathroom door. Most organizers come with different size pockets which is ideal to fit different types of makeup tools and products.

Repurpose Your Old Containers

To store your Mesmara Epsom salt, Citronella essential oil, Mesmara neem oil, or any other beauty products, you can consider repurposing your old stacking fridge containers. These are great because they have transparent sheet making it easy for you to see. No need of digging in to find that particular lipstick shade or the tiny eyeliner bottle. Plus, they can be kept any way (top down, front back, etc.) and can fit in anywhere – inside your sink cabinet, wardrobe drawer, or closet.
Recycling and upcycling is fun and gives you lot of room for innovation. For example, can you imagine you can flip a dishwasher basket upside down to keep your lipsticks upright? Isn’t it a great idea that checks the lipsticks from rolling away?

Colour Coordinate

If you’re a fashionista you must be having loads of nail paints. Grouping them together according to their shades definitely makes life easier for you. You can group them as daywear, nightwear, office wear, funky colors, or whatever is convenient for you! You can colour coordinate other colourful makeup like eye shadow palettes, and lipsticks too. Keeping them together will save you time when you are in a rush.

Pro Tip:

Organizing beauty products is a fun activity, you just need to be innovative and think out of the box. Mesmara face packs and scrubs like Mesmara Tan Removal Face Scrub, Mesmara Insta Glow Face Scrub, Mesmara Rejuvenating Face Scrub, and Mesmara DePigmentation Face Mask come in cute glass jars. Once the jars are empty, you can upcycle them to be used in your travel kits to store shampoos and conditioners.

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