Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Special One

How many of you know the history of Valentine’s Day? A little-known fact is that it originated sometime around 270 AD, though the real figures are still vague due to the lack of proper information. The day is celebrated to honour St. Valentine who took upon himself to allow romance when Christianity looked at it as a taboo. What is important is that we continue to celebrate it to express our love to our special someone. What better way to say it than by getting some unique Valentine’s Day gifts.

Most find it simple to buy chocolates and flowers as Valentine’s Day gifts. However, there are so many valentines day ideas that can truly make this day special. We suggest that you think out of the (chocolate) box and give some unique Valentine’s Day gifts this time. Do something which sets you apart from the pack. It is a great opportunity to show that you deeply understand that person. This thoughtful gesture will work the magic and strengthen the love even further.

Here are a bunch of cool ideas for creating the most unique Valentine’s Day gifts. We are sure after reading these you may do even better.


Try to get a gift that is specific to the person, to an extent that it is custom made. For men, you could look at personalized cufflinks, embroidered shirts or a nice silk neck scarf. Some sort of personalized embellishment that makes him proud to wear it. For women the choices are abundant, custom made jewellery or a dress she has been eyeing to buy but hasn’t really got to it. There are so many great natural high-end organic beauty products that could also be a great way to shower love. You can select from the wide range of Mesmara products to give a personalized touch to the gift. Personalisation makes the gifts very unique Valentine’s Day gifts that are loved by everyone.


You must choose experiences or activities that you both can enjoy at the same time. Winemaking, preparing gourmet salads, hiking for the more active folks are some examples that give you time with each other while enjoying it.  If you both have dreamt of that special river cruise, this is the perfect time to do it. Book the boat, pick the right menu and make it an evening to remember.

You could get yourselves a nice tattoo too, something that bonds you both.

For folks who want to just cuddle up and make it a very personal day, you could choose a bunch of romantic valentines day movies and binge through them.


You can plan to enrol your beloved for a makeup training course. Some may think you do not like her makeup, but it could also mean that you love her enough to want her to look even more beautiful. You could take it a notch higher by recommending that special focus, e.g., eye makeup and hair highlights. If she is not really feeling for it, then you can go shop for the best cosmetics and skin care products that you can afford to make her feel special.

To spend a perfect day with the man of your dreams, a couple’s spa would be a perfect gift. You both can relax and get pampered together and energize yourself for a beautiful evening ahead.

Bookish Romance:

Another idea in unique Valentine’s Day gifts is to spend the day together with the best romantic books available. Couples can channel their love for each other by visiting the local library or a book shop and check out the love letters and poems of the best writers/poets. Couples can then issue or buy a timeless romantic book full, open a bottle of wine and take turns reading each other his/her favourites. You can also venture out and experience live music with that someone special.

Camping Under The Stars:

If both of you love to be one with nature, this activity is the best way to spend time with your loved one. Though it might need a little bit of homework. Do some google search or ask for a reference from your circle about the best places to visit to enjoy a sunset. Plan to leave early in the evening with your special one to catch a mesmerizing sunset and watch it sitting together hand in hand. As the evening turns into night, you could camp under the stars and gaze at the astronomical wonders together while thanking your lucky stars. Don’t forget to carry a mosquito repellent spray made from Citronella Essential Oil. Better still, make bug repellent candle with the flavours of Citronella Essential Oil and Rosemary Essential Oil.

We are not going to spell out everything, but you got the gist of. Do share with us about your ideas for unique Valentine’s Day gifts. Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at Mesmara.

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