Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Apply Sunscreen Every Day

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Winter season is still here and we are talking about sunscreens, sounds out of place, right? The answer is in the product’s name itself, “Sunscreen”. It has nothing to do with summers; it created to protect your skin from the harmful UV effects of the sun rays. You are lazing on a sunny beach, trekking around or simply working out in the open, regardless of the time of the year, these rays silently affect your skin. Fortunately, you can protect yourself by using a sunscreen. 

Some Facts About Sunscreens:

Sunscreens are available in a variety of mediums, e.g., lotions, creams, gels or waxes or even sprays. They contain a mix of chemicals that partly reflect away the rays falling on the skin thereby reducing the impact. They are even capable of partly absorbing the UV rays before your skin does. Sunscreen comes in several strengths, SPF 15, 30, 50 and they really are a measure of how much UV they block. Therefore, depending on which part of the world you are in and how much exposure you get due to your activities will determine the SPF strength. Typically, an SPF 15 is good for light exposure and daily use to get between home and work. However, when you are going to be outdoors for hours together use SPF 30 or even better SPF 50 for harsher conditions.

A question that comes up a lot of times is how much sunscreen should someone be applying. It depends on what medium you are using, but it needs to cover and layer enough to block out the sun rays. Some sunscreens have physical blockers, usually titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, and initially make you look white. However, they start acting immediately even before they get absorbed into the skin and hence are more effective than the rest.

Now let us take a top 5 reasons why you should apply sunscreen every day.

#1 – Respite From the Harmful UV Rays:

It is extremely important to use sunscreen whenever the sun is out there and most importantly when the UV index is highest. In most parts of the world, the sun is strongest between 10 AM and 4 PM. If you are out in the open during this time, you must apply sunscreen. Better still, always carry a tube with you so that you can reapply if required.

A lesser known fact is that, even if you are not going to step outside of your house, the impact of UV rays is still upon you. It might be lesser than when you step out directly into the sun, but it is there. So even if you are going to be at home, it is important that you apply your sunscreen.

#2 – Prevents Premature Wrinkles:

The skin burn impacts your skin’s ability to regenerate. As a result, your skin starts losing its radiance, keep sagging and starts the premature onset of wrinkles. When you use sunscreen regularly, the chances of the appearance of premature wrinkles will reduce significantly and you continue to look younger than your peers who do not use sunscreen.

#3 – De-risks Skin Cancer:

While there are many reasons why skin cells can get cancerous, one of the most prevalent reason has been the effect of UV rays on our skin cells. The possibility of skin cells mutating and becoming malignant increase manifold with overexposure to UV rays. Daily use of sunscreen blocks out this factor and thereby reduces the chances.

#4 – Prevents Blemishes and Uneven Tans:

A sunburn it is not only very painful but it also makes the skin vulnerable to infections. The peeling off of the skin, the swelling, the itching – all of this damage the skin.  Sunburns also leave unwanted marks, leading to the darkening of the skin and can cause an outbreak of dark spots. Using sunscreen can prevent sunburns.

If you are trying to get a tan under the sun, it is highly advisable that you wear sunscreen. Not only will it protect you from the UV rays, but it’s proper usage will also give you an even skin tone.

#5 Improve Skin Health:

Many of the latest sunscreens available in the market are enriched with vitamin E and collagen boosting ingredients. They do not just protect the skin, they also keep them healthy and smooth.

So, be it summer, winter or monsoon, be it outdoors or indoors, apply a coat of sunscreen for good skin and good health.

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