Top 6 Hair Care Tips for Bride To Be

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Wedding day is a very important day in a girl’s life. Marriage is a journey of a lifetime second to none. A journey towards love, togetherness and abundant happiness. It is a life-changing experience that calls for an equally grand appearance. The preparation for a wedding is extensive and there is no room for mistakes. The buzz of the event envelops everyone in the family but the focal point is always the bride. She has to be looking her best.

While of the family members focus on the arrangements for the wedding, the bride is usually working on getting her look right for the day. She tries various styling, clothing and makeup options which will make her look the prettiest for the wedding day. She visits a number of different stylists to finalize her makeup and hairstyle for the big day. No matter what the stylists do, natural beauty is her best asset. The glow and radiance on the face will determine the makeup. The beautiful and healthy hair will really allow the stylist to pull off a masterpiece. Therefore, it is no surprise when we say that bride-to-be will need to start caring early for healthy hair and skin.

Here are some tips for the gorgeous bride-to-be for maintaining healthy hair..

#1 – Treat Hair Problems Early

Treating hair problems and doing away with them is a time taking effort. Hence, you must start well in advance. You can eliminate the issue of dandruff by regularly applying a concoction of coconut oil and lemon juice. If hair loss is your greatest worry then apply onion juice to the scalp regularly. It is essential to be regular with these remedies to get rid of the problems before the wedding day.

#2 – Trim Your Hair Regularly

Trimming is an essential aspect of hair care. With time, hair tends to grow split ends, weak ends and rough ends. In addition to making the hair look unkempt, split ends also hamper the growth of healthy hair. Therefore, it is important to trim your hair every two months or so for healthier hair growth.

#3 – Indulge in Hot Oil Massages

Pollution and busy schedules lead to numerous hair problems. Massaging your scalp with hot oil does wonders. It goes deep into the scalp tissues and nourishes the scalp.  Hot oil activates hair follicles, thus increasing the hair growth. A hot oil treatment can be done with Mesmara extra virgin olive oil, almond oil, Mesmara extra virgin coconut oil, Mesmara castor oil, or Mesmara lavender oil. These oils can even act as alternatives to hair conditioner which softens up the hair.

#4 – Apply DIY Hair Masks

Even a gentle 10 minutes of scalp massage every day while showering activates the pores. It is a great stimulator for fast hair growth as it increases the blood circulation. If you invest more time and effort by apply hair masks, the results will be outstanding. There are different varieties of packs made of natural ingredients which can be used at home. They provide very good nourishment to your hair and scalp and also don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Mesmara multani mitti pack, Curd pack, Egg mask, Mesmara amla powder pack are some of the best DIYs for lustrous hair. You should select the hair pack that best suits your hair texture and hair type. Read more about best hair packs for thick, long hair here.

#5 – Say No to Heat Treatments

Natural look has its own beauty. To avoid damage to the hair, you should avoid the use of excessive heat through dryers, curlers and straightening tools. These products burn the strands a little, even if great care is taken during the process of curling or straightening. If you really need to use these tools, you should also protect your hair by using a heat protecting serum such as Mesmara Argan Hair Serum prior to such usage. The serum not only protects the hair from heat and sun damage, but also nourishes the hair at the same time. Read more about the best ways to use Argan hair serum here.

#6 – Choose Natural Products for Hair

Your wedding day is close by and the last thing you would want to is run into allergies or risk yourself to pigmentation. Harsh hair colours and bleaches should be completely avoided due to their damaging and allergic properties. It is best to opt for natural colouring techniques such as herbal henna, beet and carrot juice, brewed coffee and black tea, etc. to color the hair. Check out Mesmara Reetha Powder and Mesmara Shikakai Powder. They are healthy alternatives to shampoos. If your hair is the oily type, you can use Mesmara apple cider vinegar (ACV) to rinse your hair. Dilute 2-3 tbsp of ACV in a cup of water. Rinse your hair with the solution after washing it with a mild shampoo. Rinse again with cold water. Honey rinsing can help you if you have dry hair. Grey hair can vanish completely with the regular use of henna soaked in tea liquor with coffee powder.

These simple tips can prove to be a miracle if followed regularly. Mesmara wishes every bride-to-be a very happy married life.

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