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Light Up Your Face This Festive Season – Golden Glow DIY Face Packs

Mesmara DIY Golden Glow

It’s the time of the year when celebrations have begun. From Diwali to the New Year’s Day, its out and out wedding season.The weather is also wonderfully romantic and can compel you to go out on date with your partner. This year, while buying gifts for others you should also invest in yourself and your […]

Hyperpigmentation -Causes and Treatments

Mesmara Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a common condition caused by the darkening of some parts of the skin due to excessive melanin production. A lot of women try to cover up dark spots with makeup and concealers. While dark spots are usually not something to be worried about, it is important to understand the causes of hyperpigmentation and […]

Winter Care -Remedies For Cracked Heels

Mesmara Winter Care

Winters are harsh for the body. The pores in the body shrink and reduce the ability of the sebaceous glands to function adequately. This causes overall dryness of the skin across the body. Feet, especially the soles are more disadvantaged since they do not have the oil glands and the onset of winter does affect […]

5 DIY Anti-ageing Face Masks

Mesmara Anti Ageing Face Mask

During childhood, people always want to grow up fast and take things under their own control. But as they get wiser and older they would rather want to stay young. What an irony this life is. You cannot clock back time, you can keep your bodily functions working and be mentally agile. Anti-ageing is the […]