5 New Year Resolutions To Take For Your Health

New Year Resolutions

This is that time of the year when we start to think about new beginnings.  When the holiday period starts, we get time to spend dedicatedly with our family and close ones. It is the time when everyone is together and between all the fun and frolic, we have those long discussions and introspections. It is a good time to look back on the year that went past, what went well and what we missed achieving. For things we missed, we need to regroup and plan on how to work around the hurdles. For anyone who mocks at resolutions, is missing the vital trick that sets humans apart. It is our ability to think and change our decisions to evolve and innovate.

The list of resolutions is very personal to each one and should be so. It could be learning a new skill or find time out for the hobby that you are so passionate about but could not pursue it in the rigmarole of daily pressures. It could be visiting the close childhood friend, who had the greatest influence at some point in time in the past but has slowly drifted away. For folks who have had a busy life, your heart could be beckoning peace. They say God is within you and your body is your temple. One resolution that should always be on your list is taking care of your body and your inner self. This is something you cannot afford to let down.

#1 – Health Check-ups

Nothing can be more dangerous than just wishful thinking that you will be fine no matter what. Depending on where you are in your life, you need to know how your health parameters are. It is the one-stop, cockpit view to your body. Do schedule and take the annual health check-up with your nearest hospital and work with your family doctor to review the results. It will help you choose the right lifestyle, diet and exercise routine.

#2 – Meditation

In today’s world of hectic job schedules and time spent on mobile phones, people need to take a step aside and look at their life from a different perspective. An important part of their routine is to free up their mind clutter and nothing better than meditation. Meditation is not related to any religion, it is a detox for your mind. Plan to get out of bed maybe 30 mins earlier than what you would normally do. Post your morning ablutions, find a quiet spot and focus on nothingness. It is going to be difficult in the beginning. It is not easy to stay away from your thoughts and mind will constantly wander away. However, with time, you will be able to blank out your mind. It’s giving rest to your mind as it is not processing any information. You will soon see that you feel refreshed, positive and sharper in your decision-making ability.

#3 – Exercise

We are often surrounded by perceptions around what is exercise and this limits our ability to start this journey. Some relate this to pumping iron or going for a marathon. Though cardio and weights are important, they are not everything. Every day, finding time to do some simple stretches is a good way to tune up your body. Move up a notch slowly engaging in yoga or move to cardio. Exercise helps your muscles and tissues from becoming stiff which with age will start showing these signs. It also helps improve your blood circulation to all parts of your body which in turn helps in anti-aging.

#4 – Eat Healthy

Easier said than done! We already see that look on your face. But here the ask is not to junk your favourite cheeseburgers or mutton biryanis. When you try fad diets, by taking extreme steps, they are bound to fail. Take small steps, make subtle changes to your meals.

For example, when you are planning for a large multi-course meal with friends or family, don’t jump right into the rich gravies. Take time to enjoy a salad or two and savour them. You may not like it in the beginning but slowly you’ll see your salad portions increase or you may see the portion of your favourite rich gravy go down. In either case, you are doing good for yourself.

Another way to adopt healthy eating habits is to try changing your oils to more healthy ones like virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, and cold-pressed oils like sesame oil, groundnut oil etc. These are oils which retain the goodness of their ingredients and help in improving metabolism.

Do not stuff yourself or starve yourself for long durations. Both are equally damaging for you. The key is to regulate your insulin secretion and so have timely meals. 

#5 – Have Fun

One of the most underrated and yet the most important aspect of being healthy is having fun. Always find some time to enjoy. It could be going to the movies, spend a carefree afternoon with your friends or family, relax and read books, listen to music, solve an interesting puzzle and/or whatever makes you happy. Put your heart into it and feel the freedom from inside.

This New Year, make some realistic resolutions. Start strong and with a little effort and time, you can see positive changes in your life. Transform yourself into a better version of yourself.

 The team of Mesmara wishes you a very happy new year 2019!

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