Winter Care – 7 Tips for Oily Skin

Mesmara Winter Care

Winters are harsh for every skin type. Skin needs a good care all through this season. Though it is thought that only dry skin needs special care during winters and oily skin remains well nourished during winters, the fact is that oily skin is equally affected. However, the impact may not be felt immediately. During winters the air is usually dry and this reduces the moisture content from the skin. Since oiliness from your sebaceous glands is still pervasive, the skin will not be brittle and crack, however, it does need to stay hydrated. A lot of people with oily skin face problems with dry patches due to uneven sebum secretion and it affects specific areas more than others. This leads to uneven skin tone, makeup nightmares and can even cause aggravated irritation.

How you care for your skin during winters and what products you use in this season to keep it lively and bright, are very important factors. Here are some tips to keep your skin perfect during this season.

#1 Stay Away From Oil Based Products: If your skin is oily, you cannot go with any run-of-the-mill products. Though you may feel that during winter you can use oil-based products available for other skin types, you cannot. It is important that your moisturizer is water or gel based. Such moisturizer will amply hydrate the skin. Water-based products may need frequent application but that’s the last of the worries. It is advisable to use moisturizers containing Vitamin E. Makeup products also need to be water-based or powder-based which can soak the extra oiliness.

Never use the cold creams and stay away from petroleum jelly. They are mainly used to lock in the moisture and the oils secreted from the skin and hence can create a big mess for oily skin.

#2 Alcohol-Based Products Aren’t Good Either: Stay away from alcohol-based products too, as they are notorious for increasing the dryness of the skin. They also dissolve away the much needed natural oils on the skin. Initially, it may feel that the oiliness has reduced but they eventually damage your skin, and more so during winters.

#3 Apply Serum in Problem Areas: Winters increase skin related problems, irritation, redness and make it itchy. It is advisable to apply serum gently in these skin zones. One of the most delicate areas on the face is around the eyes, so keep a watch for dryness. Usually, the best remedy is to massage Vitamin E oil. Apply a drop on your fingertips and gently massage in a smooth circular motion.

#4 Use Face Packs With Natural Ingredients:  If you are using a face pack, choose ones where the ingredients are herbal and are citrus based. You can make a variety of face packs at home which will take care of your skin. Including ingredients like sandalwood powder, turmeric, milk, curd, rose water/Mesmara rose petal powder Mesmara aloe vera etc, will work wonders for your skin. These natural ingredients, not just clean-up, they also introduce a glow and brightness in your skin. 

#5 Add Tea Tree Oil To Bath: Before you bathe, you can add a few drops of Mesmara tea tree essential oil to warm water. It makes up for the reduced hydration in this season and makes it soft and supple.

#6 Always Pat Yourself Dry, Do not Rub: Stretching facial skin especially during winters is a punishment for it. Hence, every time you are washing or cleaning up, you should dry up by patting or dabbing. If you rub your skin, it may sometimes even cause irritation and can aggravate some dormant condition.

#7 Follow A Proper Skincare Regime Every day: Winters are no excuse to forget your regular skincare regime. It is all the more important to follow your daily cleanse-tone-moisturize routine during this season, as the skin can be subject to damage easily due to lack of moisture. Follow your regime regularly every morning and night. With the right products, your skin can look extra luscious during this season.

Hope these tips help you beat the winter woes and make way to glowing skin.

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