Christmas Special – 5 Makeup Looks To Go With Red Dress

Mesmara Christmas

It’s the time of year when everyone is celebrating. It’s the holiday season and Christmas season. Shops are dressed up and ready to usher in the season, children are ready with their list for Santa Claus, and everyone is ready to enjoy the last few days of the year. The trees are up, and the colors of red, green and white are omnipresent. Though traditionally Christmas is the day to spend with family, now it’s a trend to celebrate Christmas with a party. So what better way to dress up for a Christmas party than wearing red. However, red is such a bold color that it is difficult to match makeup with it. So here we are with a few makeup tricks to suit your red dress.

#1 – Primer: Red is an unforgiving color. Any blemishes on your skin, dark spots, wrinkles, pimples and any other kinds of problems will be visible as though through a magnifying glass when you wear red. So it is very important to be extremely careful with your makeup. A primer is a base coat which helps the foundation to spread evenly on your face. It becomes the most important part of your makeup when you are wearing red. Apply moisturizing lotion on your face and neck, then apply a good primer on top of it and then apply a layer of the foundation which suits your skin tone. Now you have the right base ready.

#2 – Red Lipstick: You may feel that wearing red lipstick for a red dress may make it look gaudy or too bright. But actually, red and red go pretty well together. If you have fair skin, you can match the shade of your lipstick with the shade of your dress. But if you are of dusky or dark complexion, you can opt for darker shades of red like burgundy or cherry. They accentuate your lips and enhance the entire look.

However, care must be taken not to go for too dark shades when your lips are wholesome and plump. In such cases, it is better to use lighter shades of pink and beige.

#3 – Smokey Eyes: Smokey eyes look goes hand in hand with the red dress, especially for night parties. Well done smokey eyes create the required drama for the hot dress. Apply a layer of concealer on your eyelids before applying the rest of the makeup. Dark eyeshadows work best for the look. But one must wear the smokey eyes look with caution. If you want the eyes to take center stage, the rest of the makeup must be muted. So, you should use light or nude shades of lipstick and minimal makeup on your cheeks. Wearing a dark color lipstick or accentuating your cheeks with blush can ruin the entire look.

#4 – Warm Glow: A warm glow on your face compliments the warm (or hot rather) color of your red dress. A skin which is naturally healthy and radiant can carry the red dress very well. If you are planning to attend any Christmas party in a red dress, start your preparation days ahead of the party by eating healthy and keeping yourself well hydrated. Avoid smoking and excessive intake of alcohol as they can ruin your skin. For the event, you can apply mineral-based makeup and use coral shades to give a warm glowing look to your face. A tinted moisturizer also helps the skin look naturally radiant. Avoid heavy makeup, as it can be distracting the focus away from your dress.

#5 – Loose Hair: A lot of thought goes into the makeup and dress, but remember to work on your hair as well. When you wear a red dress, do not secure your hair tightly into a bun or ponytail. It can be disastrous for your entire ensemble. Hair with loose curls is the best combination for a red dress. Let your hair loose or tie it into a loose bun with strands of hair falling on the sides of your face. Let the hair frame your face, accentuating your makeup without overpowering it.


  1. Diamonds are best friends with red dresses. But keep the jewellery simple and let the dress do the talking. Wear diamond earrings and keep your neck bare for a sexy look.
  2. If you are feeling cold in the December weather, you can find comfort in a black leather jacket. The jacket does not take away the beauty of your dress or makeup.

Use the above tips and tricks and make the heads turn at the Christmas party. The best accessory for any red dress is confidence. Wear confidence from your head to toe and slay the look.

Mesmara wishes everyone a Merry Christmas! Enjoy the festive season and spread joy.

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