Natural Lip Tints And How To Make Them

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Many poets and songwriters have described the beauty of lips and their alluring mystery. One of the all-time favourites is Lucky lips, it was a song that Cliff Richard made famous in 1963.

Remember the lips you had at 15-16, anyone would die to get the same lips back. Oh! so sexy, truly soft and plump! As you have your nostalgic trip, you’ll also remember the natural tint on your lips.That unadulterated look was your most luscious one. Interesting but true, despite all the products you’ve used, you are unable to get that feel back.That’s the downside when you use these chemical induced products. While they spice up your life for a bit, they do leave their chemical footprint that slowly damages your lips.

Readers who has been reading the blogs here and are plugged in, they’re already making efforts to kick out the non-natural beauty accessories. This time we are going to introduce you all to natural lip tints and with some tips for the DIY enthusiasts too.

Three crucial factors when choosing your tints,

  • Completely natural ingredients
  • Long lasting colour shades
  • Healing and moisturising the lips

Here we only talk about natural ingredients and nothing else. Make sure you are choosing certified organic ingredients, it is only then that you can be completely assured of the quality. There are two basic ingredients to make your own lip tint.First one is a natural product to give your choice of colour shade and the second one is the base for the lip tint. Typically, ingredients like beeswax, Mesmara shea butter, Mesmara virgin coconut oil, and essential oils such as Mesmara peppermint oil and Mesmara rosemary oil  are used to prepare the thick paste to which the natural colours are used.

Now that we are clear with what to use as the base paste, let’s choose colours wisely. Here isa list of primary colours that can be extracted from fruits and vegetables.These primary colours can be carefully mixed to make many more colours and shades.

  • Red colours from Raspberries, Pomegranate, Beetroot, Hibiscus Flowers, Red Roses.
  • Green colour from Spinach, Chamomile leaves.
  • Blue colour from Blueberries and Mulberries.
  • Yellow colour from Turmeric, Marigold (in some cases they can give orange colour too).
  • Pinks colour from Cherries and Pink Roses.
  • Browns colour from Tea and Coffee liquor.

These can be applied directly on to the lips. Since these are stains, they do not need a retouch up and last a while.The natural ingredients can be used in conjunction with carrier products to prepare lipsticks and balms that can be carried around more easily. Here is a sample procedure to make Lip tints at home.

Homemade Raspberry Lip Tint


  1. 1-2 tablespoons coconut oil
  2. 1/2 tablespoon organic freeze dried raspberry powder (add more for a darker shade)
  3. 1/2 – 1 teaspoon beeswax for a firmer consistency
  4. 3-4 drops of peppermint essential oil


  1. Melt the coconut oil and beeswax together with double boiler method.
  2. Then add essential oil to the mixture.
  3.  Add freeze dried raspberry powder and stir to mix it well with the base solution.
  4. Transfer to a usable container with lid and store it.

Note: The same procedure is followed to make any other lip tint shade. A few attempts will give you an idea of the ratio of the amount of natural colour you need to mix to get the correct shade.These extracts should be refrigerated to increase their longevity. They  should be frequently checked before use to ensure these have not got spoilt as there are no preservatives added.

Do share your experience as you master the art of making your lips luscious again.

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