Light Up Your Face This Festive Season – Golden Glow DIY Face Packs

Mesmara DIY Golden Glow

It’s the time of the year when celebrations have begun. From Diwali to the New Year’s Day, its out and out wedding season.The weather is also wonderfully romantic and can compel you to go out on date with your partner. This year, while buying gifts for others you should also invest in yourself and your looks. Do not forget getting yourself the extra glow and improve your inner beauty. Banish those dark spots, the tired looks and those bags under your eyes.

Along with shopping for the best gifts and smart outfits, let’s buy our magical natural ingredients.  Let’s put up a face that everyone is going to notice.

Instant Glow Face Packs:

These face packs give your face an instant glow. They take out the blemishes, smooth out the acne scars and give you a fresher look.

  1. Papaya Pack: Papaya is one of the best exfoliators and contains papain which travels deep under the skin layers and exfoliates it. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which additionally soothe the skin and reduce irritation and redness of the skin. Here is a fairly simple preparation that will take no more than 5 minutes. In a blender, add chunks of raw papaya, add a teaspoon of sandalwood powder and three tablespoons of Mesmara aloe vera powder/ aloe vera gel and churn them into a fine paste. Spread this paste evenly on your face and leave it to dry. After half an hour wash it off and you will be surprised to see yourself in the mirror.
  1. Almond & Milk: Almonds are packed with vitamin E which is one of the best healers of the skin. Almonds naturally bleach the skin and remove the dullness and the tan. Milk helps moisturise the skin; the best results are when you use organic and full cream milk. Blend a fistful of almonds (soaked overnight and peeled) with a few tablespoons of milk. The amount of milk should be enough to make a paste of good consistency. Apply this paste around your face and especially under your eyes and any other area where you see a darkening of the skin tone. Leave it to dry before you wash it off.
  1. Turmeric : Raw turmeric is a remarkable natural ingredient. Its pigment is so potent that when you apply it on your skin, it creates an unmatched golden glow. It was a traditional skin brightening natural agent and continues to be followed by many especially around the southern India regions. Use freshly prepared raw turmeric paste along with a tablespoon of Mesmara lemon oil. Leave it for about five minutes before washing it off. You will need a few applications before you get the right duration of time needed to get the best tone suitable for your skin.

Revitalizing Face Packs:

These face pack recipes rejuvenate your skin. All of them will exfoliate your skin and boost your glow. Additionally, some of these are coolers that soothe, some are packed with antioxidants that get the youthful skin back and some have pigments that augment the natural skin tone.

  1. Sandalwood Pack: Sandalwood helps remove dead skin and balances the oiliness of the skin. This is a time-tested ingredient that never fails. Add to it some Mesmara rose petal powder. It is packed with copious amounts of antioxidants that revitalize your skin. This face pack will cleanse your pores and give it a fresher feel. To make the pack, add equal portions of sandalwood powder, milk and rose petal powder and prepare the paste. Leave it to dry and then wash this off with water or with rosewater. It will instantly give a radiance which gets better on regular use.
  1. Red Clay Face Pack: Red clay has lots of iron oxide and this is what gives the reddish tinge to the clay. This clay is highly absorbent and when used on the face it sucks out the dirt and pollution out of the skin pores. To prepare the face pack, you’ll need red clay powder and rose water. Add enough of both to make yourself a paste which can be applied all over your face.  Leave it to dry and subsequently wash off with lukewarm water. You’ll be left with a cleaner and brighter skin. The skin will suddenly feel fresh and ensure you are moisturising it to retain the feeling. You may augment this pack with additional ingredients like Mesmara orange peel powder, turmeric, etc. to improve the potency and the exfoliation benefits.
  1. Saffron Face Pack: Saffron is an expensive ingredient but produces an excellent colour tinge. When it is applied to the face, it is known to give one of the best instant glows that works for most skin tones. Apart from the glow that it gives, it is a great source of minerals which improve overall skin health. These together improve your look inside out and its benefits are long-lasting. Soak about three to four strands of saffron and soak them overnight, in a few teaspoons of slightly warmed water.  Now add this golden orangish water to one teaspoon of milk. Add a tablespoon of besan to prepare a smooth paste. Apply this mixture on your face and leave it for about fifteen minutes before washing it off with cold water. You can alternatively use fresh cream instead of besan to prepare your face pack.

So here are our 6 DIY face packs. Most of the ingredients are readily available in the kitchen. Just check what suits you and apply. Get that beautiful golden glow on your face and be ready to be the star this festive season.

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