5 DIY Anti-ageing Face Masks

Mesmara Anti Ageing Face Mask

During childhood, people always want to grow up fast and take things under their own control. But as they get wiser and older they would rather want to stay young. What an irony this life is. You cannot clock back time, you can keep your bodily functions working and be mentally agile. Anti-ageing is the in-thing in the beauty industry too. The industry has capitalized on people’s craze to look young. There are many off-the-shelf products and various treatments and procedures. While these may appear to work, their chemically produced ingredients have long-term impacts and usually offer only superficial improvements.

On the other hand, there are natural ingredients based home remedies which are time-tested and have worked for generations. These remedies work inside out reinforcing the nutrients required to keep your skin healthy. Let’s take a look at some of the DIY face masks which can reverse your skin’s age. After regular use of these, you will start looking much younger than before.

#1 Skin Tone Brightening Pack:

The most tell-tale sign of ageing is that the skin starts appearing dull and lacklustre. This face pack is aimed at bringing back the fresh look, make the skin tone brighter and improve the glow. Mix equal portions of organic yogurt, freshly extracted lemon juice and sandalwood powder into a consistent paste. Each ingredient has its work cut out. The lemon juice cleanses the skin and removes unwanted and excess oiliness, the sandalwood brightens skin tone and has medicinal benefits and finally, the yoghurt/curd moisturizes the skin. Apply the concoction on your face and other problematic areas like your hands, and leave it to dry. When you wash it off, the skin will feel refreshed, cleaner and brighter.

#2 Exfoliating Mask:

This mask is an excellent exfoliator. It not just cleans up the skin and removes dead cells, but also helps in reducing the age lines and tightens and smoothens the surface. To make this pack you need to mix equal portions of coffee, cocoa/Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil. If you are focusing on your face, then a tablespoon of each portion is enough. The mixture should be devoid of lumps, hence whisk it enough to make it into a smooth paste. Apply this gently on to your face spreading it from the centre moving towards the edges of your face. Allow it to dry for about half an hour. Wash it with water and just allow it to dry or pat dry it.

#3 Ocean Nourishment Face Mask:

Ocean Seaweeds or Dead Sea Mud are a vast source of vitamin C and vitamin B. They have anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the skin and make it healthier. This seaweed face mask not just exfoliates the skin externally but also promotes collagen production internally. All these help in a clean, healthy and youthful look. To top it all, it is super easy to prepare. Add a tablespoon of Dead Sea Mud / Ocean Seaweed into lukewarm water and mix well. Do not water it down too much, you want a fine paste that can be applied without allowing it to drip. Leave the application on until 15-20 mins after it dries out. Finally, wash it off with water and repeat alternate days to get the best results.

#4 Healing Face Mask:

This face mask contains the medicinal properties of turmeric and curd/ yoghurt. Turmeric needs no introduction for its vast medicinal benefits. Curd improves the skin texture. Take about 50 ml of curd and add to it a pinch or two of turmeric powder. If you are not sure the powder is entirely pure, you can alternatively use raw organic turmeric paste and add half a teaspoon to the curd. You mix them well and let the paste stay on your face till it dries up. Wash off the dried paste with water.  Just with the first application, you will see your face glow and the tone will be more radiant. With regular use, the blemishes will disappear, and any eruptions will subside.  The antioxidants in the turmeric will delay the ageing process too.

#5 Skin Tightening Mask:

This mask is great to smooth your age lines and delay the onset of wrinkles. You can prepare this using banana fresh cream and organic honey. Banana contains essential minerals like Potassium and Vitamin E and C. Fresh cream moisturizes the skin and helps in radiance. Honey has medicinal benefits which help soothe the skin and reduces the occurrence of acne. It is also rich in antioxidants which are anti-ageing.  Apply it generously and leave it as long as 45 mins. Clean up with water and dab your face dry.

So, time to slow down the clock. Stop looking any further and start working on these easy remedies that will get you the glow on your face, improve the skin texture, prevent sagging and keep it supple as a baby’s skin.

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