Dandiya/Garba Ready – Sweat-Proof Makeup Tips

Mesmara Dandiya Navrathri

Navratri festival is just around the corner, and the festivities have already begun. The most awaited event during the Navratri is the Dandiya/Garba night. Many are already practising their Garba moves for the latest Bollywood songs. Easy as the Garba steps might look, dancing to the tunes late into the night is not a child’s play. You have to watch out your step so that you don’t step on anyone’s feet, and also protect your own. As the latest joke has it ‘What goes around comes around, it’s not always Karma, it is Garba.’ However, what goes around may not always come around in the same shape. After a few rounds of dance, you take out your camera for a selfie and you could feel you are looking at a stranger. Your makeup is all smudged in sweat and you are looking like a ghostly reflection of the cheerful person who came to the Dandiya night. So, how to wear makeup which will stay with you through the night. Here are a few tips to help you keep looking fresh and bright while you enjoy the dance.

  • Preparation is the key: Like for any makeup routine preparing your face is a key element. For having a long-standing smudge proof making, it is very important that you don’t apply when you are immediately out of a hot shower. Let your face and body cool off before you apply the makeup, as warm skin tends to absorb the makeup quickly which ends up in giving your makeup an unfinished look. You can also splash your face with cold water or apply a bit of ice to the face before applying makeup.
  • Apply the right moisturizer: A moisturizer which suits your skin forms a perfect base for your makeup. Apply it evenly all over your face and neck before you start applying any makeup product.
  • Prime your face: Applying a primer is very essential for a long-standing makeup. It helps smooth your skin and creates a barrier so that your makeup doesn’t smudge along with your sweat. A waterproof primer would be your best bet for the Dandiya night.
  • Use powder foundation: It is better to use a powder-based foundation rather than cream or liquid based foundations as liquid-based foundations can become runny with the sweat released from the skin. However, need to be careful while applying powder foundation. Don’t overdo it as it will make your face look cakey. Just use it lightly all over the face and neck, to hold your makeup in place.
  • Apply makeup in thin layers: Now that you have a perfect sweat-proof base for your makeup, apply the rest of the makeup in light, gentle layers. It is advisable to use a beauty blender to blend in your layers so that your makeup doesn’t end up looking cakey.
  • Use oil-free products: It is best advised to use oil-free products for having a long-standing, sweat-proof makeup. Especially the base products like foundation and primer should be essentially oil-free. Oil in these products can make them runny when contacted with sweat, thus ruining your entire makeup.
  • Use waterproof eyeliner and mascara: Another tip which can save your day is to apply waterproof eyeliner and mascara. It will help you avoid them into smudging into the sweat dripping from the crown of your head.
  • Less is more: Always remember while targeting for a sweat-proof makeup, less is more. Don’t fill your face with layers and layers of makeup. The more layers you apply the more cakey and unnatural your face will look. Keep it simple and sweet to get a fresh and natural look.
  • Carry a face mist: The cool spray of the face mist will cool your face, thus keeping your makeup intact. Carry it with you to the Dandiya night, and keep spraying your face once in a while. This will help reduce the heat and keep you looking fresh through the night.
  • Drink water: While face mist works from the outside, drinking water will keep you cool from the inside. Refresh yourself by sipping water during breaks. A hydrated body gives you hydrated and radiant skin.
  • Pack your essentials with you: Have your essentials handy with you, like blotting papers for the running sweat, facial mist to cool your face, a bottle of water, the lipstick you have applied to reapply if needed. Also carry a small makeup brush to blend in any eyeliner that has smudged into your eye makeup, This can give you the smoky eye effect.

Equipped with the knowledge of how to wear sweat-proof makeup, you can awe everyone with your fresh look through the Dandiya night. Keep the foot tapping without any worry.

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