6 Healthy Makeup Habits to Adapt

Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and our first layer of defence against the harshness of nature. While we have learnt to protect our skin from external factors by wearing clothes, have we really learnt to protect it from the damage we ourselves cause to it – through the makeup we wear daily? Let’s take a look today at some health makeup habits, which will help promote a naturally healthy skin.

#1 – Understand Your Skin Type

Firstly you need to understand your skin type correctly. Makeup products are made differently to suit different skin types. There is no ‘one-size fits all’ in beauty products. It is important to choose products based on your skin type to keep our skin healthy.

#2 – Clean up Your Face

Cleaning up your face is essential, not just every morning and night, but also when you are changing your makeup. Do not just keep loading layers and layers of makeup. It is a recipe for disaster. The makeups mix and make it look inconsistent. You then end up adding more layers to bring in the consistency. Not only that, it also makes the skin stiff due to the many layers it is now carrying and starts looking artificial. Always take time to clean up your face, remoisturize and then apply the makeup. Oil based cleansers work best to remove makeup. You can then wash off the remains with a foam based cleanser.

#3 – Go for Alternatives

Try some healthier alternatives to makeup products. For instance, natural oils and serums quickly get absorbed in the skin, giving it a boost of essential minerals and help you look fresh. These serums are quick fixes in place of the heavy makeups you regularly apply.

Same advice goes for your lips as well. Give your lips a bit of rest from the lipstick; keeping lips coated with lipstick regularly can be harmful. Shift to a lip balm instead. See your lips turn tender and soft with time.

#4 – Chemical Free Products

Tons of beauty products continue to lure us with their promise. But try to reduce the dependency on chemically engineered products. Nature has given us enough to provide for all our needs. Time-tested natural home remedies and herbal products are where you need to look. They are easy on your skin and leave no chemical footprint. However not all makeup items can be replaced by herbal and natural products. So, do reduce as much as you can.

#5 – Keep Your Makeup Brushes Clean

If not cleaned regularly, makeup brushes and sponges collect not just dust, but also end up being a storehouse for your old makeup, dead skin and the germs. This makes your skin sensitive with every use. Giving your brushes a good wash using water and a bit of liquid soap every weekend is a great idea.

#6 – Throw Away the Old Ones

Never use makeup that is very old. They do more harm than good. Everything comes with an expiry date. Do not prolong the usage just because they are expensive or you bought an exotic one this time.  If you do not find the expiry date or it has worn off, please follow the general thumb rule of 6 months for water based products like mascara or liquid foundation, and 12 months for oil based products like lipsticks and powder blushes. Moisturizers and skin care products come with a longer shelf life of 1 – 3 years. Depending on your usage, buying smaller sizes is advisable.



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