How to Protect Your Child’s Skin from Swim Tan This Holiday Season

The summer holidays are what kids look forward to every year. The house is abuzz with discussions on who does what activity. Parents are busy planning indoor and activities that will keep the kids excited and occupied. An agenda item which is relatively constant is swimming. A daily trip to the pool is a must, almost ritualistic. While it’s always the thrill factor that changes for them, you as a parent are always thinking about safety of your children and protecting them while in the pool.

Time spent outdoors is excellent but little do you realize what the sun is doing to you silently. You might send your kids to the pool with a pool ring or float for protection, but are you protecting them from the harmful UV rays that are burning up the sensitive skin of the kids. For some, it also triggers spots on the skin, also called freckles. Freckles are usually something that you inherit but are usually dormant until UV rays trigger them. It accelerates the melanin production and leaves you with uneven pigmentation on the skin. Though Indian kids are less prone to freckles, when it comes to children, you can leave no stone unturned. Mesmara has created a list of things you need to do for your children pre and post swimming to keep their skin healthy.

Pre-Swim Care

Choose Correct Clothes: Before you send your kid to the pool, make them wear bright or light coloured clothes which are loose and allow the skin to breathe. A nice hat paired with a cool set of sunshades will be an added protection.

Use Indoor Pools: The UV rays are at their highest intensity when the sun is at its peak.  Avoid sending kids outdoors and in the direct sunshine between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM. It’s not just when kids are outside, but an open pool is equally punishing. Indoor pools are the best option during these hours.

sunblock-1461397_1920Apply Sunscreen: Make sure they’ve applied sunscreen generously before they step out. Higher the SPF value the better they are, but broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen is a minimum. It should be waterproof and make sure that the kids re-apply it every couple of hours. You can look at additional herbal options to reduce the harmful effects of UV rays on the soft skin of your child. Home ingredients like Aloe vera or Mesmara Aloe Vera Powder, cucumber and sandalwood paste keep the skin cool and are very effective against tanning.

Use Anti Tan Protection: Many people don’t know that while sun gives the tan, chlorinated water accelerates tanning. As your kids absorb chlorine in the pool from the water the tan gets darker. Needless to say, the process needs to be delayed. Mesmara Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Almond oil are excellent in this respect. Apply it about half an hour earlier before your children go swimming. Once it soaks in, it will work as a shield.

Keep Hydrated: Another important aspect is not to allow their body to be dehydrated when they get into the pool. When swimming, the skin becomes porous and the body pulls water into the layers of skin. While that happens, it is pulling in chlorinated water. You should make the kids take a good long shower to make sure they are not soaking in the pool water.  Also, ask them to load up on fluids that will help as well.

Post-Swim Care

Shower After Swim: Give them a relaxing warm bath and use a gentle moisturizing soap. Make sure you are washing off any residual chlorine. Use a good shampoo to wash the scalp and hair.

Moisturize: After the bath, it’s important that the skin is generously moisturized. Again, natural oils like almond, coconut are very good and leave them smelling sweet.

Try Home Remedies for Tan: Once at home check where there are tan marks and apply papaya paste. It naturally lightens the skin and reduces the effect of tanning.

Follow the above list items and let your children enjoy the holidays without worry. You too can relax with a book on the poolside, or jump in together with your kids and become a child yourself for sometime. Happy Holidays!!!

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