5 Must Have Items in Your Hand Bag During a Vacation

stil-243522-unsplashIt’s summertime and all are busy planning their holidays and heading towards their destination. It’s time to hit the outdoors and travel far and wide. You have packed your bags with clothes, but have you put the essential beauty products in your hand bag? These are must-haves, which will can help you maintain a healthy glowing skin even while you are on the go. Your vacation pictures will not be spoilt by weathered and rundown skin. Let’s check what these products are.

#1 – Sunscreen with 30+ SPF: Whether you are heading to a beach, or to a hill station, you are bound to spend more time outdoors. And outdoors means exposure to sun. So its quintessential to pack a sunscreen with SPF more than 30. It will protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. Don’t be fooled into thinking that sunscreen is only required when you are on a beach or in the hot sun. It is all the more essential even when you holiday in the mountains. UV rays at higher altitudes can cause more damage to the skin. Sunlight reflected from the snow can cause severe sun burns too. Some experts even suggest carrying sunscreen with SPF 50. At higher altitudes, it’s also advisable to carry sunglasses to avoid damage to your eyes.

#2 – Tinted Moisturizer: A tinted moisturizer serves the double purpose of moisturizing your skin and also works as a foundation. On application, tinted moisturizer gives your skin a flawless look. You don’t need to apply layers of makeup. Instead you are ready to go with one product. It not also lightens your bag, but also helps you get ready faster.

#3 – Lip Balm: A lip balm becomes essential when you are travelling to cold places. Chapped lips can ruin any bright day. They are ugly and painful. A tinted lip balm can add the oomph to your pouted selfies.

#4 – Comb: You can enjoy the fresh breeze during your travel outdoors. But don’t let it turn your hair into a mess. It’s very easy to tangle your hair while you sleep in a car, or even because of the change in softness of the water you use to wash your hair with. Hard water can make hair very rough and unruly. Do not forget to carry a comb with you, so that you can untangle the mess every now and then.

#5 – Lipstick and Kohl: You might be site seeing through the day, but don’t fret if your partner plans a romantic dinner during your vacation. Keep your favourite lipstick and a kohl or eyeliner handy. These two pieces can transform you like a cinderella. Even if you are in for a surprise, you can steal enough time to apply lipstick and eyeliner, and be party ready.

These are the quintessential items every woman must carry in her hand bag while she is travelling, which will help her have the perfect holiday. Happy Holidaying!!

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