Summer Do’s and Don’ts for Skin

In the winter, we are extra careful about our skin. We are often reminded by our near and dear ones to keep applying the moisturizers and the balms to soothe our skin. The skin could generally cope up with the warmer part of the year. With time, the living environment has changed drastically; we have experienced increasingly extreme weathers, high pollution and humidity, high UV index. Unfortunately, our skin is no longer able to cope up in summers. Now even during summers, it is slowly becoming very important to pamper our skin.

Keep your Cool

It is important to stay cool and keep the skin cool during the summers. Multani mud packs, sandalwood pastes and Mesmara Aloe Vera powders are best to keep your skin cool and happy.  Cucumber packs and mashed potato are also some good alternative options.

Love your sweat

During the summers, sweating has a positive effect on the body.  Physiologically, the body secretes water to regulate internal body heat. So, when you are sweating, the body is trying to cool you down. Also, as it oozes from the skin pores, it is cleaning them up, But while you are out in the sun, there are two important things to be taken care of. Firstly, ensure you are away from industrial pollution. In this age, it’s a far-fetched dream, so you’ve got to make sure you are using some good cleansing milk or body scrubs. Secondly, always use water which is cooler than the ambient temperature. Not only does it make you feel fresh, it also does not wash away the protective skin oils.

Moisturize regularly

Not just the winters, moisturizing is an all-season activity. Every time you sweat or wash your face you are depleting the moisture content of your skin. With the ambient humidity, you will not realize it, but your skin is getting dehydrated.

However, it is important that you use a light moisturizer, which is not too oily.  Look for natural serums or gel-based moisturizers. They hydrate the skin pretty good.

Kit up well

It’s easy to be casual and step out without taking the necessary protection. But, at the end, you will end up with skin burns, rashes and blemishes. They are a pain to get rid of later. Always use a broad-spectrum SPF 30 + sunscreen before you step out.  Also, when you do step out, wear a hat and if possible cover your face and neck with a scarf.  It might sound outlandish, but wearing full sleeves is the best protection. The clothes should be loose fitting and bright coloured.

Repair & Rejuvenate

There will be times when you have to step out and you can’t take all the required care beforehand.  You will end up feeling overheated. The skin will be burning and dehydration will get the better of you. Always keep a bottle of water, burn relief spray or an aloe vera gel closeby. These are the essential little items to save the odd day when you did not prepare well.

Also, during the hot summers make sure you are properly hydrating yourself. Drink loads of fluids. Summer coolers like watermelon, lemonades, and oranges are recommended. Mesmara orange peel powder can also provide a fresh lease of life to your skin. Make a paste of this using milk or curd to get rid of tan, blemishes and dark circles.

Browse through Mesmara’s range of herbal powders and face packs, which will provide scores of benefits for you and your child’s skin this summer.

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