Beat the Heat this Summer with These Simple Tricks

sand-waves-1314250Summer is here, and the heat is skyrocketing. While it is a good season to enjoy watching the blooms, eating tasty mangoes and having good time with family on a vacation to a hill station, it is also a time to worry about sun burns, heat waves, sweat rashes, tanning etc. So, here we are with simple hacks to help you beat the heat.

#1 – Your Clothes

Most of your summer troubles are solved with the use of cotton. Choose cotton clothes over silk or synthetic fabrics which can cause sweat rashes. Cotton absorbs sweat and allows for circulation of air. Light or white color fabrics are better choice as opposed to dark or black colored ones. Black absorbs heat, while white reflects it back. Wear long-sleeved and loose-fitting clothes, to protect from harmful UV rays which can cause sunburns and tans. Also use bed linens made of cotton, as they are constantly in touch with your body while you sleep.

#2 – Your Home

Keep your home ventilated and breezy. Allow for cross-ventilation, letting hot air escape from your house. Switch off light bulbs, if not in use, as they radiate heat. Another hack is to unplug all gadgets which are not in use. Gadgets give out heat while they are charging or connected to the plug points. Unplugging them will reduce the overall heat of the house.

Spraying a Lavender Oil infused mist in your house, can help you de-stress and relax.

#3 – Your Vehicle 

One of the most dreaded things in summer is a vehicle lying under the sun. Vehicles absorb heat very quickly and retain it for long time. Open the windows of your car and let the hot air escape, before you board it. It is also a good idea to cover the windscreen with a sunshade or wisor, if you need to leave your car in the sun. Better still, find shaded spot to park your vehicle. Keeping the windows of your car slightly cracked will also promote ventilation.

You can refresh your car by spraying it with a mixture of water and a few drops of your favourite essential oil.

#4 – Your Food

It is very important to take care of the food you eat during summer. Fruits such as watermelons, melons, berries etc help you keep hydrated. You can also have seasonal fruits like mangoes. Mint infused iced tea is more refreshing and healthier option when compared to carbonated drinks. Having cold soups is also a good idea during the sunny days. Intake of curd not only aids in digestion, it also helps in keeping the body hydrated. Lassi or buttermilk are two must-have delicious variants of curd. Avoid flavoured yogurts as they are loaded with sugar. Avoid deep fried foods.

#5 – Your Body

The baths you take, the lotions and makeup you apply, the hairstyles you wear, each of these can affect your body during summer. Shower everyday and exfoliate your skin regularly. In hot and sweaty weather conditions, it is advisable to shower twice a day too. Apply moisturizer soon after shower to seal in the moisture. Apply sunscreen without fail. Use lighter body lotions, as heavier ones can become sticky and cause sweat. Wear hairstyles which keep your hair away from your neck, as neck area is more prone to sweat and sweat rashes.

To cool your face instantly, spray it with a simple DIY mist made of water and a few drops of Peppermint Essential Oil.

Pro Tips:

Use long brimmed hats or umbrellas to protect yourself while you walk in the sun. Use shades to protect your eyes. Avoid going out into the sun, and keep yourself hydrated by drinking sufficient water. Essential oils like Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil can help reduce heat rashes.

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