C the Results – Use Vitamin C for Your Skin

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is becoming a popular friend of the skin. It is getting a newfound status in skin improvement products. Apart from skin, Vitamin C has very good health benefits too, like strengthening our immune system, and preventing flu upon regular intake. It also works as an antioxidant and delays the effects of free radicals. Let us take a look at how your skin is enriched by Vitamin C application.

Benefit #1: For Photo-protection

Vitamin C is also available in serums for topical application. It protects your skin especially, from the UVA and UVB sun rays. Vitamin C helps by neutralizing the free radicals created by the UV rays. Though it does not repel the UV rays like a sunscreen, but when used in combination with regular sunscreen, the results are even better for the skin.

Benefit #2: For Collagen Improvement

Vitamin C promotes the formation of collagen. This protein aids in keeping the blood vessels strong. They carry oxygen and nutrients and keep the skin healthy. It also provides firmness to our skin, without which the skin would sag and begin to wrinkle.

Benefit #3: As an Antioxidant

Vitamin C is soluble in water and hence acts in the aqueous compartment of the skin cells. It prevents the skin from oxidation by neutralizing the free radicals in the cells. Hence, Vitamin C is a great antioxidant. It helps your skin look younger.

Benefit #4: For Depigmentation

It prevents skin from reacting with sunlight and reduces discolouration also inhibits melanoma in humans. Reduces dark discolouration like skin freckles, giving you a smooth and even texture and skin tone.

How to Improve Vitamin C intake

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Vitamin C is abundantly available in many different foods. Most fruits and vegetables contain Vitamin C. Guava, Chilies, Peppers, and Citrus fruits have high amounts of Vitamin C. Do ensure you are having plenty of them daily.

Vitamin C is also available to be taken orally. It is a water-soluble vitamin and is available as over the counter supplements.  It should be however taken only when you have symptoms of deficiency.  Usual symptoms are tiredness and lethargy, other signs could be frequent nose bleeds, slow wound heal, iron deficiency and most important in this context – dry, red or wrinkled skin.

Beauty products containing Vitamin C, like creams, serums, lotions and skin patches are readily available in the market. Serums containing Vitamin C are currently a rage with women wanting to look younger and trying to delay the onset of wrinkles. These are topical application serums. They have very little side effects and are known to help avoid fine lines, sagging skin and evening out the skin tone. They also brighten the complexion. You need to apply them after a good wash and cleansing routine. Post application, apply a moisturizer and if venturing out in the day couple the application with a good sunscreen. These can get extremely expensive and hence do make sure you pick the ones that really work.

Mesmara’s Lemon Oil is an excellent source of Vitamin C.

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