6 Must Have Beauty Products in Your Handbag

Do you start your day like a princess and end the day looking like a zombie? In today’s fast-paced life, it is important to continue looking your best through the day. Everyone unwittingly flocks around the person who is feeling confident and energetic. Hence, beauty touch- ups are very essential for looking presentable all day long. Here we are with a list of essential beauty products, you should always carry in your handbag – the ones without which you should not step out of the house.

Beauty Product #1: Lipstick/Lip Gloss

red-coffee-cup-desk-6358Rightly shaded lips accentuate your look. They give your personality the look of someone who means business. Keep the lip color healthy with regular touch-ups. While shifting gears and getting ready for the evening, a gloss can change the look completely. Keep the colors fresh and your lips bright. Sometimes you might prefer to keep it simple by just keeping your lips moist. For this look keep a lip balm handy. Lip balm becomes a must-have during the winters when its regular application is necessary to keep your lips looking full.

Beauty Product #2: A Good Compact/ Concealer

A compact set or concealer is like a stitch in time. It keeps your makeup uniform, controls shine and evens out the skin tone throughout the day. A good compact set also has a mirror built in, allowing you to ensure your kajal, lipstick, etc. are all in order. At the same time, the mirror saves you from some funny / embarrassing situations, like food stuck in teeth, a dangling jewelry etc.

Beauty Product #3: Kajol/Kohl

Even if you are not wearing any makeup, kajal can do wonders. It’s one of the easiest to apply and definitely enhances your look. However, even the best kajals and eyeliners wear off in some time. So, always keep your kajal handy. Just a few strokes will make your eyes look beautiful and bright just the way you started the day.

Beauty Product #4: Moisturizer

Due to the pollution and weather conditions, skin tends to become dry often. An all-purpose moisturizer is a very handy tool to keep your skin looking healthy and ageless.Whether you are rushing to a meeting or to a luncheon, applying a bit of moisturizer to your face makes it look fresh and healthy. Rub on a little moisturizer onto your hands too, for a pleasant handshake.

Beauty Product #5: Nail Polish

Uniformly polished nails give an impression of someone who takes good care of herself. When you extend your hands out to meet and greet during work, your colleagues are noticing you. Since you can’t avoid the nicks and chips, you must carry the color you are wearing that day or some neutral color that goes well with all your attires.

Beauty Product #6: A Nice Perfume

A fresh and refreshing perfume or a deodorant is a must-have item in every woman’s handbag. A good perfume lifts up your mood and increases your confidence. As the smell fades away through the day, the small bottle in your handbag will be your savior.

For a fashionista, a touch up in time saves nine. So, keep these essentials in your handbag and keep shining throughout the day and conquer the world!

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