How to Look Good Without Makeup

Helena Rubinstein famously said, “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones!” While it is indeed an empowering idea that everyone is beautiful, it comes with a caveat. You need to put in some effort and cannot be lazy.

It is perfectly alright if you prefer the natural look and do not like sporting an overly done up face. The effort to look good does not always have to be in terms of putting on makeup. We bring you some proven tips to help you look your best without using makeup.

Tip #1: Get Your Beauty Sleep

All your efforts to look good will show no result, unless you get a good rest. Exhaustion and deprived sleep has an effect on your health and also on your skin. So do not compromise your 7-8 hours of daily sleep for work or even fun. You may have some exceptional days, but sleeping less should not be a regular habit.

Tip #2: Eat Good to Look Good

Every doctor or beautician worth her while, will tell you this. Whatever goes in, reflects on your skin. The more junk or oily food you eat, the more pimples and skin issues you will face. On the other hand fresh fruits and vegetables will add a fresh glow to your skin from inside. Nothing beats this inner beauty which is not merely skin deep.

Tip #3: Natural Stuff for Natural Beauty

Nature and purity go hand in hand. Using stuff in their natural form or products that have zero chemicals, like those from Mesmara, are your best bet. Homemade scrubs, milk and honey, rubbing your face with fruit skins like papaya and tomato are some proven tips handed over to us since generations. Talk to your mother or grandmother to uncover more such secrets  residing in your family.

Tip #4: A Healthy Hair Makes a Beautiful You

Your hair can be your crowning glory.  A healthy and shiny hair works wonders for your look. You do not need to visit a parlour to style it elaborately before attending a function. All you need to do is care for your hair by regularly shampooing and conditioning it using mild products. Resist the temptation of exposing your hair to harmful chemicals and heat treatments.

 Tip #5: Have a Beauty Routine

Have a simple routine, but a routine all the same. You cannot expect to look good by putting in a lot of effort just once in a while. This needs to be an ongoing process and a part of your lifestyle.

Some things to include in your daily routine would be:

  • Drink lots of water. Eight glasses a day is a reasonable benchmark to have
  • Use a gentle moisturiser after bath or before sleeping to keep your skin moist and supple
  • Scrub your feet clean and trim your nails
  • Eat one or two servings of fruits
  • Limit food which is rich in spice, oil or sugar.

Looking good is more a reflection of your inner state of mind and body than just an outer mask for others to see. When you feel good about yourself, you project a positive image of yourself. A confident stride and a loving smile can make you look more beautiful than any makeup effects can. Strive for that inner beauty which is more endearing and will stay with you longer.





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