10 Hacks to Remove Makeup

woman-hand-girl-professionalRight from the ancient Egyptian times, women have been known to use makeup. They use it for multiple reasons – to feel confident, to attract, to shock and in some parts of the world it is an integral part of their culture. Makeup is said to be a woman’s best friend. Whatever they might say about diamonds or chocolates, in today’s world a woman does not step out without makeup. Beauty industry is a booming business and the market is flooded with many products and lots of choice. It is a buyer’s paradise.

Any makeup product that you apply on your face needs to be cleaned later. Whether it is at the end of a performance, an event or even regular makeup at the end of the day. Depending on the type of makeup and how much it has been applied, you can choose the product needed to remove it. There are off the shelf products that help you to quickly remove makeup and then there are home remedies that you could use to do the job.

We have put together top 10 ways to remove different parts of makeup.

Nail Polish: Most removers available in the market are alcohol based and quickly break down the nail paint.

  1. Nail polish removers are one of the quickest ways to remove nail paint. However, the fumes, if inhaled, can cause irritation in the throat and nasal passages.
  2. You can use a mixture of vinegar or soap water and lemon juice and soak your nails. It is best to soak for 10-15 mins before it works.

Facial Makeup: Heavy foundations and water proof makeup removal can be a time-consuming task.

  1. Deep pore cleansing lotions can be used with beauty blenders or cotton balls to gently remove the makeup. Post which using a good face wash will help remove the residues.
  2. Add 1 tbsp of almond oil in a bowl of milk and then use a cotton ball to dip and scrub your face. Not only does it clean your face, it also moisturizes and refreshes the skin.
  3. You could also simply use coconut oil to remove facial makeup; it works like a charm even for waterproof makeup.

Eye Makeup: Kajal, Mascara, and Eyeshadow are usually oil based and removing them can be messy.

  1. Best method to remove eye makeup is using petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly makes it very easy to remove waterproof mascara and eyeshadow on the eyelids.
  2. Use wet wipes/baby wipes to scrub off the jelly. The skin on your eyelids is very delicate, therefore, it is suggested that baby wipes be used.
  3. Baby shampoo works well to wash off eye makeup. It does not irritate the eyes but at the same time, it deep cleanses the skin.

Pore Cleansing: Ensure you are regularly cleaning up your pores. They need to breathe and secrete as necessary, else they can leave you with complications like irritable skin, milia, darkening of skin etc.

  1. A nice steam can do wonders in pore cleansing. It removes dead cells, cleans the pores and rejuvenates them. If you can’t steam, use a hot damp towel. Cover your face with this towel and leave it. Repeat a good number of times.
  2. Lemon is another wonder fruit for your skin. Rubbing a freshly cut lemon removes dead cells, oils, and dead skin cells. You could also use a cotton ball to dip in some lemon juice and get the same results.

While makeup can aid your confidence, nothing can match your inner beauty and confidence. Makeup or no makeup, feel good about yourself always. Love your skin and it will love you back.



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