5 Natural Moisturizers for Glowing Skin

Your skin is a reflection of your inner health. If you exercise regularly, eat healthy and are stress-free, your skin is automatically bound to glow. However, the world is not a perfect place, and your skin will not remain flawless always. There will be things beyond your control like the weather fluctuations, pollution, travel or the ageing process that will eventually take a toll on your skin. You have to take care of your skin keeping these factors in your mind.

There are so many skin care products available in the market that they can leave you confused. They will also leave you with a huge chemical debt that these products leave behind. It’s their promise of overnight transformation that can make you forget about natural remedies. Nature has bestowed us with a bounty of healthy options. While natural remedies might seem to take longer time to yield results, the results are long-lasting and light on your pocket too.

Natural Moisturizer #1: Milk and Almond Oil:

Vitamin E is an important ingredient that keeps our skin healthy. Almond oil has lots of it. When mixed with milk it does wonders. It not only keeps your skin clean but also replenishes the vitamins and moisturizes it.

Natural Moisturizer #2: Milk Cream:

Skim off the fresh cream that forms over the milk. This is one of the best moisturizers that the face will love instantly. Regularly massage your face with it and you start seeing your skin go soft and supple.

Natural Moisturizer #3: Oils – Coconut, Mustard, Almond, and Virgin Olive:

All of these oils are very good to moisturize your skin and get that suppleness you have been longing for. Coconut and Mustard may be too pungent for a lot of people, so many use it at least 30 mins before they go for a wash. This ensures that the skin is moisturized properly and also that the strong smell is gone after a shower.

Natural Moisturizer #4: Fruits and Vegetables:

pexels-photo-740584Most of the fruits and vegetables are great sources of precious vitamins and minerals, especially A, E, B and Potassium. Gently rubbing raw avocados on your skin improves the blood circulation. It also exfoliates the skin and promotes collagen formation which eventually gives you a healthy glow. Vegetables like carrots, spinach, cucumber are often preferred in homemade herbal face masks. They moisturize and hydrate the skin while keeping it cool. Papaya paste is rich in papain which helps in skin renewal and turnover of cells. The paste when applied, moisturizes and heals the skin. It can also be used for natural skin whitening treatment.

Natural Moisturizer #5: Herbs and Flowers Extracts:

butterfly-yellow-insect-nature-65255Herbs and flowers are wonderful moisturizers and they bring in that extra freshness with their fragrance. Calendula and Chamomile flowers have some essential oils that help soothe the skin and improve anti-allergy activity. Not to be forgotten are the all famous Aloe vera leaves. The gel pressed from the leaf has the ability to penetrate through the skin and reach the innermost tissues. It can moisturize, promote anti-microbial activity, act as an antiseptic and is often used in hospitals as a treatment for burns and stings.

Nature has a lot to offer and it is up to us how we benefit from it. Mesmara brings in the goodness of nature closer to us with its numerous products. The essential oils, face packs and herbal powders of Mesmara provide the best skin care regiment minus any fast-result chemicals available in the market these days. Go the natural way and give the best to yourself.



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