What is a Beauty Blender?

Google declared that the most searched beauty term of the year 2017 was ‘Beauty Blender’. The pink sensation of the fashion industry was conceptualized in 2002 by Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann Silva. It was her idea to give women professional style makeup finish at home. For this she came up with an egg-shaped, latex-free sponge to blend in beauty products applied on to the face, giving a smooth, well-blended look. In 2003, the product was launched into the market and revolutionized the fashion world. Over the years it has become a staple in most of the make-up artists’ kit around the world.

Using a Beauty Blender

A beauty blender can be used with foundation, powder makeup, mineral makeup, beauty balm cream (bb cream) and color correction cream (cc cream). The original iconic beauty blender has no edges and has open cell structure. This technique allows it to absorb water so that it has no room to soak the makeup applied on the face. Before using a beauty blender, the first step is to moisten the sponge with water so that it is completely saturated. You can either use warm or cool water to dampen the Beauty Blender. However, cold water will make you feel more refreshing. Remember to squeeze the sponge to drain excess water before dabbing it into your makeup. After use, wash the sponge with good soap and water. Since it comes in direct contact with your skin and most of the times it is wet, it is prone to harbor bacteria and other germs. After washing, dry it properly before storing it in a drawer.

To Do Makeup

Press the damp beauty blender into the makeup. Then with light hands, dab it on the skin. For best result, take the foundation, moisturizer, bb cream or ccc cream on the back of your hand and dab the sponge into it. You can directly dab the sponge in compact makeup products. If using powdered products, take some into the lid and dab the beauty blender in it. If the makeup has to be applied to large areas of the face, then use the rounded bottom side. And if you have to use it in small areas then use the other side. Bounce the sponge over your face for an evenly blended makeup.

To Erase Makeup Mishaps

To erase makeup mistakes, you need a dry beauty blender. Instead of dabbing, drag it across the surface of your face. A dry sponge will give a natural finish. The whole idea of using a dry sponge is to make it work like an eraser. It rubs off any extra makeup without leaving any dash of it behind. The sponge also helps to re-blend and refresh the makeup throughout the day. It removes any cakey layer of makeup, which forms while applying makeup continuously.

To Apply Sunscreen and Self-tanner

Beauty blenders can also be used to apply sunscreen and self-tanner. This sponge is a better alternative to fingertips, as fingertips apply uneven pressure. It is highly recommended to use a light-colored sponge when applying SPF, moisturizer, and other makeup products. Use dark colored beauty blender for applying self-tanner and long-wearing foundation, as these products would be difficult to wash off.

Now you know how your favorite actors get impeccable makeup done. What are you waiting for? Get yours and to enjoy flawless makeup at home.

Pro Tip

It is a great idea to have two beauty blenders – one for the wet use and the other for dry use. Keep the sponge exposed to the air so that no germs grow along with it. Go for a mesh bag rather than an air-tight container.

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