How to Look Good in Selfies

Gone are the days when getting the possession of pictures of your family vacation or wedding or any celebration meant waiting for days. The concept of putting a reel into camera, with limited pictures per reel and getting  the reel developed at a photo studio is something unknown to the new generation. As smartphones with inbuilt cameras made their way into our pockets, clicking pictures and checking them instantaneously has become a favorite pastime. With pictures came the ‘Selfies’.

What is a Selfie?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines selfie as a “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media”. But is that all that goes behind a selfie? Well, not really. Every second, someone somewhere uploads a selfie on to their social media account. However, taking a good selfie seems to be an art in itself. So, today let’s look at ways of looking our best in selfies.

8 Tips to Look Good in Selfies

Tip #1: A Smartphone with a Good Quality Camera:

The first and the foremost thing you need is a smartphone with a good camera. If taking selfies is one of your favorite activities, then do your research on camera features before purchasing a new smartphone. There has been an evolution in smartphone cameras and many brands are marketing themselves as best selfie camera phones. Check which one suits your needs the best.

Tip #2: Pose with a Natural Smile:

Smile makes all the difference in real life. It does the same in a selfie too. Always flash a real smile. If you want to take an intense selfie let eyes do the talking. Keep practicing until you get the right smile, but remember not to overdo your facial expression.

Tip #3: Experiment with Angles:

Whether it is the dimple on the left cheek or the beauty spot on the right-side of the chin, always experiment with angles. Some of the best selfies are the ones where the bottom of the phone is at the level of your eyes. Do not stare at the camera directly, but turn to a side a little bit.

Tip #4: Perfect Lighting Gives the Magical Touch:

Pay attention to the lighting in the picture. Natural and bright lighting can transform a picture completely. Search for that perfect corner that will add a dash of radiance to the selfie. A well-lit room or outdoors, find the direction of the source of light and face it.

Tip #5: Add Something New:

In selfies, show off anything that is new in your collection. Whether it is new pair of shades, highlights in your hair, or just a pair of antique bracelets, selfie is the place to show it off.

Tip #6: Be Selective of the Background:

Most often, best selfies are the ones with a simple background or the ones with an interesting story tell. Also, beware of photo-bombers; for them it is fun but for you it’s a spoilt selfie.

Tip #7: Use the Right Filters for the Right Selfie:

There are millions of apps and filters that can add what you missed. Contrast and brightness, smoothing skin to sharpening blurriness, you can edit the selfies with filters to get desired results.

Tip #8: But, Control the Editing Effects:

It is tempting to keep editing your pictures. These editing tools can do wonders to your selfie, but too much of something can even spoil the best of things. Keep the editing as minimalistic and natural as possible.

Taking photographs is an art, and taking a selfie in this mobile era is an art and fun activity. Don’t be too serious about them. Just enjoy the moment as is and be as natural as possible. Natural looking selfies are always the best. And don’t forget to say ‘Cheese’ before clicking.

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