5 Home Remedies to Treat Dry Skin

Dry and flaky skin is a common problem that most of us face. The problem is worsening due to increased pollution and lesser time to pamper ourselves. Factors like aging, type of profession, nutritional deficiencies, and genetic conditions also contribute to the dryness of skin. Market is flooded with creams and moisturizers. Though some of these products are good, they often leave a dent in the pocket. So let us time travel and check what our grandmothers would have suggested as remedies. These time tested home remedies are much cheaper and effective. They are a better alternative to the harmful chemicals used in the market products.

Here’s some of the best 5 home remedies to treat dry skin.

Remedy #1: Honey


spoon-honey-jarHoney is one of the best natural moisturizers. Loaded with antioxidant, antimicrobial, and humectant properties, essential minerals and vitamins, it helps keep the skin moisturised for longer time without any side effects. It is easily available in almost every kitchen as people are becoming increasingly health conscious and are preferring honey over sugar. Everyday before going for shower, rub honey all over your body. Leave it on for 10 minutes and wash it off during shower. Your skin will remain well-nourished with daily usage.

Remedy #2: Aloe vera

AloeveraAloe vera is another excellent choice to treat skin dryness. It also protects skin from wrinkles and lines, and rejuvenates the skin looking fresh the whole day. It is a natural way of treating many skin ailments like acne and pimples. It’s natural antiseptic and antifungal qualities make it a preferred choice for sunburns. Just like honey, aloe vera plant is also available in the kitchen garden of many households, which makes it a cheap alternative to costly products. Break an aloe vera leaf and cut it in the middle. Squeeze out the gel from the leaf and apply it to the face, hands and legs. After five minutes, wash it off.

Remedy #3: Milk/Milk creammilk-glass-frisch-healthy-46520

One can enjoy the benefits of milk by either directly consuming it or by applying raw milk or milk cream (malai) on face and other body parts. The anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of milk helps get rid of dry skin. Additionally, the lactic acid found in milk and milk cream exfoliates dead skin cells. Thus, it is a good moisturizer which increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Dip a clean cloth in cold milk and then let it rest on the dry skin for 10 minutes. Then gently wash of the milk with another clean cloth soaked in lukewarm water. This can be done every day.

Remedy #4: Coconut Oil

Fresh coconuts and a jar of coconut oil on a wooden table

Coconut oil is known for its benefits for hair. However, did you know that massaging coconut oil on to the skin is one  of the best ways to get rid of dryness, making it smooth like baby skin. Coconut oil has good amount of fatty acids that substitutes the moisture lost from skin. Apply warm coconut out all over your body every night. Next day morning wash it off for a soft and smooth skin.

Remedy #5: Papaya

pexels-photo-286948There are numerous health benefits in incorporating papaya in our daily diet. The benefits include better digestion, stronger immunity, and skin care among hoards of other wellness. Enzymes in the fruit helps in skin whitening, exfoliating dead skin, and repairing ageing skin. Being rich in water content, papaya helps keep the skin moisturized throughout the day. Pulp of a ripe papaya provides the much-required nutrition for a hydrated skin.

Though natural remedies are the best ways to beat skin dryness, there are brands like Mesmara that use the goodness of natural products in their cosmetics. Their natural face packs, herbal powders and essential oils not only help to treat skin dryness but are also pocket friendly. Follow the best skin care regime to beat the dryness and have that glowing skin that you always wanted.

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