5 Smart Beauty Hacks to Help You Through Winter

Winter is a loved season in India. As summers tend to be very harsh in many parts of the country, people enjoy the coolness that winter brings along. People love to eat fried foods and empty cups and cups of hot ginger tea. However, winter brings along its own share of woes – chapped lips, dry skin, cracked feet to name a few. Let us find out some smart beauty hacks which can help you survive the winters.

Beauty Hack #1: Moisturise While in Shower: During winters skin tends to become dry fast. To lock in the moisture which your skin receives during shower, you need to apply moisturizer as soon as you finish your shower. Instead of long baths, take quick showers with warm water. Pat yourself dry in the shower (do not dry yourself completely) and apply a moisturizer suitable for your skin. Mesmara has a range of body butters which can help keep your skin hydrated for long hours, just what is needed during winters.

Tip : Apply Argan Oil before applying moisturizer for extra nourishment.

Beauty Hack #2: Apply Lip Balm For Ragged Cuticles: Ragged cuticles are a great botheration. Not only are they painful, but they also hinder your daily activities. To get rid of ragged skin around cuticles, rub some lip balm around them. This will make the rough skin supple and keep the ragged ends stay together.

Tip: Carry a lip balm bottle (not stick) in your bag, and keep applying when you get some time.

Beauty Hack #3: Exfoliate Flaky Lips: Flaky, chapped lips can be a cause of pain and embarrassment. To protect your lips during winters, you should exfoliate your lips regularly. Applying a lip balm after scrubbing your lips will seal the cracks thoroughly.

Tip: You can make your own lip scrub by combining honey and cane sugar. Check the process here.

Beauty Hack #4: Use Sugar to do Away With Dandruff: The season not only dries up your skin, but also your scalp and hair. Itchy scalp and dandruff become the talk of the season. Believe it or not, sugar can help you control your dandruff. Just add a spoonful of sugar to your shampoo and massage well into the scalp. Sugar will dissolve and wash away, leaving your scalp dandruff free.

Tip: Homemade hair packs can also help in nourishing your hair. Check out some more DIY hair packs here.

Beauty Hack #5: Pull up Your Socks: While much attention is given to skin, feet often get neglected. This leads to cracked heels, which can cause pain and bleeding too. Beauty experts say that the best way to protect your heels is to apply a good moisturizer generously at bedtime. And then put on a pair of thin socks to keep the moisture safely latched on to your feet.

Tip: Since feet skin is very thick, apply the thickest cream you have, or better still, use a hand and foot cream.

Better informed and better equipped, enjoy the winter season before it gives way to the summers.



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